Friday, December 2, 2005

Upwards and Onwards

Edmonton 5
Vancouver 3

As Tom Benjamin has been harping all along:

Vancouver - Salary Cap = Wade Brookbank and Steve McCarthy on defence.

Wee! But in fairness to the Vancouver Canucks, almost everyone on their team played poorly tonight. "JovoCop" and Bryan Allen, both minus 3, especially looked like pylons on the Oilers goals.

Vancouver may have had a letdown from playing two games in two nights, but I'm chalking this up as a triumph for the Oilers depth (of course).

The Vancouvers and Colorados can rely on their top lines stealing wins they don't deserve, often heartbreakingly in the last ten minutes, but the Bertuzzi line was invisible all night. That and Alex Auld made us look All-Stars.

Meanwhile, the Dvorak-Stoll-Torres line ran circles around the Canucks. Dvorak in particular looks nothing like he did earlier in the season. I've always been a big fan of Dvorak's second effort, but in the last 5 games he's overacheived with his offensive play, whether it be catching slap-passes on his stick or threading the puck through his legs and throwing it to the net. He'll never have the finish, which is why he's so well paired with everyone's favourite homosexuals, Jarret Stoll and Raffi Torres. At one point in the Third Trevor Linden had a 15 foot lead towards the puck and was easily overtaken by Stoll. Take that, feeble Vancouver Canuck legend!

They made it easy for the top line to look good, with Horcoff doing a lot of the skating, Hemsky creating room and Ryan Smyth with the finish. Peca looked good, so did Reasoner and Laraque even extended his scoring streak to two games with only 8 minutes in the game.

Game Notes

- Maybe it was just shots of the lower bowl, but when did Oilers fans suddenly stop standing to cheer an Oilers goal!? What has happened to my city? Burnt down Perogy Houses and Hub Cigars, Ring Roads, Gehry-knockoff Art Galleries?

- Faceoffs: 61%!

- Sportsnet host Gene Principe has gone for an Alan Thicke coiffe

- Joey Moss hit with a puck! (It's okay, he gave a thumbs up)

GAME RATING: 7 Domenic Pittises out of 10 Dave Hunters.


sacamano said...

Much to Matt's chagrin, I'm sure, the reason Vancouver's #1 line sucked so badly is almost entirely due to the play of Peca.

Colby Cosh said...

I'm not gonna say it's worth $4M and change to keep from getting torched by Naslund every time out, but... well, actually, I am gonna say it. It's worth every damn cent.