Sunday, December 4, 2005


Well the boys here at Covered in Oil may have let you down again. One of us went AWOL with the Game Recap (we all forgive him) and I ended up drunk, walking home and drawing humping animals in the snow (in fact, I'm still drunk, but not enough to not type at 4 am). I didn't see the game but I notice Pisani scored twice, which means I haven't seen him actually score once this year. My only excuse is that this is one of those games that isn't actually on Centre Ice, so I can only hope the Oiler splayed well. (I'm leaving all drunk typos)



Pleasure Motors said...

I'll admit it, I'm the coveredinoiler that let you down, y'all. I promised to cover the game the same time as I promised to take a friend to an office Christmas party, and as such, no game-watching took place.

I will, however, say that I am also drunk, and I support Mike 100% in his typo thing. Anyway, I did catch the third period, and it was pretty much okay--we certainly didn't get outplayed or anything, we just ended up losing. But we still got a point. OILERSZZZZZZZ!!!!

My only regret is that we don't get to play more Eastern Conference teams, because I think that, for the most part, we can beat them, and also, the mix of styles makes for a more exciting game. But whatever.

Chris said...

Well, if you all missed the game I managed to catch a good part in an attempt to maintain some degree of sanity between attempting to properly marinade my mind with knowledge.

Essentially 1st period "yay!". If you'd only watched the first period you'd have walked away feeling pretty damn good about the game. Edmonton came out a bit sluggish for the first 10 minutes, then seemed to shift gears and proceed to school the Bruins for the next ten. Todd Harvey scored, then Pisani essentially scored a few moments thereafter but Ryan Smyth gave the puck a love tap for good measure even though it was going in anyway. Anyhow, all Oilers to that point, Boston looked like chumps.

2nd period, Pisani scored on the powerplay and the Oilers were up three-nil. Unfortunately, the Oilers seemed to think that they could stop trying at that point. I was waiting for Tugnut or Kelly Hreudy to say "that would be an insurmountable lead in the old NHL". All the same, at this point the Oilers essentially threw some confetti up in the air and broke out the champagne and called it a victory and seemed generally annoyed that the game was being allowed to proceed.

At which point Boston made a come back. With Boyes scoring, then Samsonov, then Boyes again. Then Bergeron scored on a pass from Boyes. I think Mac T began openly weeping at that point. There was a brief glimmer of hope as Ethan Moreau seemed determined to somehow manage to stop this nonsenseon his own, skated half way across the rink and put the puck on the net, it bounced off the goalie and then off Pisani into the net as Pisani was shoved in after it.

For the last bit of the third the Oilers played hockey again. It looked like they might win on a couple chances. They were meh in overtime and seemed to let up in the last half minute of the overtime as though expecting it to go to a shoot out so Tanabe put a bullet past Markanen.

Jussi looked wobbly all night, not terribly sharp to say the least. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Morrison in net again soon.

The Oil dominated when they felt like it, but eased off and were lucky to escape with a point considering they pissed away a huge lead.

Chris said...

Oh and Pisani, Moreau and Peca was the Oilers best line all night. Mostly based on the fact Pisani seemed to have horse shoes up his arse all night. He arguably scored three out of 4 goals, though he did make a dumb pass that resulted in another. None the less, he sucked significantly less than the rest of the Oilers did all game long and was out on the powerplay.

The Oiler defensemen kept getting sucked into playing to far back and screening Markanen for the Bruins. I don't think Jussi saw two of the goals as the Bruins were cheating to one side drawing the other defenseman over and screening him that way. He didn't seem to have Mikka's Finnish X-ray vision.

swabbubba said...

The game was good for 15 minutes for the Oilers. They did get point should have had 2 . I agree Jussi had no X ray vision. As much as I hate Millen ... Hrudey and the other Dork doing colour were worse. The play by play ex TSN ninny ID MAB as Pronger wtf is that there is huge difference there in size. Moreau is playing like a man possessed.