Sunday, December 18, 2005

Win pulled from ass

Oilers 5 (OT)
Vancouver 4

It's good to be home, back driving through the
billowing refinery smoke of Sherwood Park's refinery row, listening to the series of giveaways and shameless Bryan Hall ads that make up an Oilers post-game show on 630 CHED.

"Tonnny Roma's Ribs! We have all sorts of ribs here, folks, ribs combos and even BBQed salmon. TR's! Now that's good eatin'!....[followed by actual lip smacking noises into the microphone]

Having flown yesterday, it's been like hand in glove: hit the WEM, drive everywhere in the ol' Sunfire, get "sloshed" at a house party and watch the Oilers game with the old gang. This time it was at the homestead of Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Sun writer and collector of Garfield Treasuries, his ladyfriend Dara, and an enigmatic man named Darren Zenko. Fish took the picture above, which pretty much tells the story of the game: Vancouver blows some leads, whines, and at least one fan drinks eight beers.

Nothing says "early Xmas" like an OT win! Incredibly, and against his best efforts, the game wasn't ruined by referee Mick MaGoo. I punched a pillow when I saw his name on the screen, knowing that in addition to any phantom calls made by the refs, the actual penalties would amount to a full game of total powerplay. And indeed, that was pretty much the case. The Oilers probably didn't deserve to win early on, but the powerplay took care of the rest (this would explain how the Oilers could be a collective minus 12 to Vancouver's plus 11).

Poor Mike Morrison seemed to have the net covered on the 2nd goal, but he should have had the first one, so MacT made the right call in pulling him. Markkanen has looked more like a number one in the long stretch (another good game!) than either Conklin or Morrison. Unfortunately, there's only so many games to spread around and we could end up spending the entire season figuring out just who's especially bad. But I also wonder if we're too hard on our goalies. We've been smarting since Salo singlehandedly sunk the 04 team, so it's understandable. Nevertheless, goalies have been spotty everywhere this year, and maybe we should just be happy when our goalies don't let goals in from the centre line (like Marc Denis in Nashville tonight).

And I realize it makes me sound like a typical Homer to complain, but is there anyway Jim Hughson and Greg Millen could have hidden their awe of all things Vancouver Canucks, including that Grendel they call Todd Bertuzzi? Greg Millen was downright fellatious in the tone and diction: "Amazing," "Beautiful," "Magnificent," etc, going on about some supposed interference by Peca on Sedin on the OT winner. I finally know what it feels like to be an Ottawa fan watching them play Toronto on the CBC.

Vancouver is the Western version of the Leafs; all things Canucks, all of the time. You could chalk it up as mere impressions, but I feel like I've heard more about that fucking manbeast Bertuzzi and his evil sidekick Naslund than I've ever heard about, say, Jarome Iginla or Pronger. Maybe that's because Albertans are victims to Sportsnet Pacific, or that Vancouver are still considered Cup favourites, first-round exits and all.

Anyway, you gotta a like this team's pluck. We've got holes and all sorts of question marks, and the team's gotta make some moves. Pronger and Bergeron can't play 30 plus minutes every night, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Lowe made a move for freshly-waivered Dan McGillis or something like that. I hope he doesn't, though; I remember McGillis as kind of stupid as a player and he costs too much even at a cool discounted million. In the meantime, we're winning games we're supposed to lose and winning most games we should win. The next game against the Calgary "watching-paint-dry" Flames should be the big test.

Game Rating: 9 Gary Ungers out of 10 Brett Callighens (for "bringing it" and beating the Canucks)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was cheering for the 'couve but I agree with you about the announcers. I watched the earlier game and after Spezza was speared at the end of the game, Toronto fan Cole was so hesitant to acknowledge the fact.. saying ..why yes, the stick was up in his mid section...

Nice OT goal by Pecca. The virtual goalie in my head was fooled on that one.

- David

Robert Cleave said...

The Oilers' GAA is 12th and that's with Cross and Ulanov as the 5th and 6th D. The goaltending situation may be unsettled, but it hasn't been the cover-your-eyes stuff of Salo. One more defenceman that can actually play is the pressing need, with another skill guy up front second on the list. Fixing those issues should get the Oilers back in the playoffs comfortably, and for a team that missed the post season 2 out of 3 years, that's not small. Furthermore, of the teams that are in the current playoff positions in the West, who has a proven number one goalie that's played well all year? Dallas, Nashville and Calgary. That's it. You're right, Mike. Things could be worse.

Colby Cosh said...

I'd just like to point out that the dude on TV is actually well into his ninth beer.

Anonymous said...

I'll abate my ususal criticism of juicy on this one, seems like he bailed out a shaky Morrison.

Am I missing something about Lalime? I know he was waived, but was it an injury I didn't hear about or just his "Eau de Loser" that scared other teams away? If he is otherwise healthy, why not? Salary?

Good to see Pecker get a goal that mattered.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure he's not on his tenth? My understanding of basic physics may not be great, but either there's another cup behind the Crawf there, or the left-most cup on the second row is exceptionally floaty.

Steve said...

So, um, Krys Kolanos was just reclaimed off of waivers by Phoenix. Anybody care to explain what the hell? Because I'm sure confused.