Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coyotes: nature's jerks

Well, as the old saying goes, "Saturday night plus no TV divided by two writers partying it up in Toronto who wouldn't have caught it anyhow minus one more who was too busy watching Tony Jaa jump through barbed-wire hoops to bother turning on the radio equals no game review for the blog." I think there's a little something we can all take away from this bit of homespun, country wisdom. Except for a game review of the Oilers' 4-3 SO loss to Phoenix. That's, uh... kinda the point.

Anyhoo, doesn't sound like we missed much. had MacT sighing audibly and repeating himself for dramatic impact about the team's lack of effort ("At least we were trying in the third, which is more than I can say for the first two periods," Oilers coach Craig MacTavish said. "At least we started trying."), and the Sun seemed too weary to even bother hauling resident food vacuum Terry Jones out from under his beaver-dam made of stadium nachos so he could lazily barf out some hackneyed crap about pooper scoopers on the game, having yet to post a game story online as of this writing. As for the Journal, well, they've moved their previously readable page to some other crazy dimension full of market-researched hot-buttons, rotating ticker headlines and locked-out stories intended to make you shell out for the exact same writeups five other sources are giving away for free, so who the fuck knows what they're saying. Something relevant, I bet—or, more accurately, the opposite of that.

So yeah. That's the deal with that, I guess. Next on deck for the OIl is a Monday night bout against Calgary, which is expected to have exactly the same impact on the future of Canada as the election results that will be rolling in at around the same time. So tune in tomorrow, when there might be something on here worth reading—but then again, maybe there won't be! Because according to our reader surveys and independent consumer studies, that's what makes Covered in Oil so much fun to read.


Prus said...

I'm going to the Calgary-Edm game on monday and i'd be willing to giv you a free, unbiased opinion of what went down. Just like Buzz Haregrove's opinion of Harper.

Randy said...

WHo could win on "Thomas Steen Night" in Glendale??? The Coyotes are now 2-0 against the Oilers when a jersey is retired dating back to Paul Coffee's backhanded stab at the City of Champions. if that doesn't say "Suck it", I don't know what does. I know you're probably feeling testy right now, so I won't elaborate.
Don't Vote Green.

Colby Cosh said...

First I'd heard of it. The Steen jersey retirement actually took a backseat in the Edmonton Sun to "Smyth takes puck on jockstrap". An ambiguous legacy.