Sunday, January 8, 2006

Forget It

Halfway through another debauched Toronto Saturday Nite, drinking and such, I get a message on my cell phone from a friend at work: "The LEafs RULE!"

First of all, it's "leaves" and second, thanks for ruining the outcome of the game I had taped for late-night reviewing. I'm full of terrible non-Big Rock beer, and I'm too much of a sour puss to watch a game I already know is a loss to my second-most hated team.

To regular nad often disappointed Covered in Oil readers, you know the drill by now. Anyway, sorry, and:

lICKmy ass TOontonO!!!!


alex(steen)aki(berg) said...

mike's post is a half truth. i never revealed the score of the game, and the message was left at a point when the leafs (correct spelling) held a 2-nil lead. still, i feel sorta bad for ruining your evening. it was a good game. we got completely outplayed but our (backup) goalie was much (much) better than yours. you should watch it before you tape the O.C. over it.

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune of watching the game sans Mr. Winters' company. I must say I wanted the Oil to win (even though I despise that Ryan Smyth, late-night dining asshole!) just on the strength of craptasticness of the Leaves fans beside us. Case in point — ugly pig girl who when a song was over, said "Bye Bye song" in a baby voice. Oh Leaves fans, may you never reproduce and die a barren and lonely death.
The end.
Hockey hater