Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Giguere, I could kiss you

"Last year I was at the World Juniors and I had a chance to work out with Matt Greene and let me tell you, this is one strong guy."

Who is this Pierre "Monster" Maguire? What is he doing? Why is he sweating in gyms with 18 year old hockey players? This on top of yelling "CRUNCH!" or "Bam!" for the Fan, TSN, NBC and god knows what else, it's nice to know Maguire is sharing towels and counting out preacher curls with our Oilers prospects... in the words of a certain broadcaster, HE'S A MONSTER!!!

Anyway, the Oilers get a big win, on a late 5 on 3 PP extend-a-mix, thanks to a total JS Giguere spazz on Ryan Smyth.

It was a physical game on both sides, with plenty of big hits. But Anaheim, a team within striking distance of the 8th place Oilers, started to forget that this wasn't the 2003 playoffs. Slowly at first, with some uncalled intereference, then with outright boarding and crosschecks, Anaheim's wheels finally came off when Giguere took 6 minutes in minors late in the third.

Why was he so angry? Ron Hextall like, he probably just got mad at getting scored on, so he blamed a Ryan Smyth's stick tap that couldn't even get a penalty in the new NHL. Watching Giguere and Randy Carlyle scream on the bench, the often-shaky Oilers ended up looking like paragons of stoicism, especially with Pronger plugging away two PP goals to put the game away (lip-read from Carlysle: "What the fuck are you thinking? Do you know what period we're in? Look at the fucking clock!").

The Oilers were terrible in the first two periods. Once again, the Oilers kept waiting for someone to score, forgetting that things like shots on net, skating, and not taking goonish penalties eventually get you goals. The Oil usually score even-handed with excellent puck control and an aggressive forecheck by all four (well, three) lines, and sometimes you wonder if they get fooled by the team's own GF stats. Just before Steve Staios' late turnaround goal, the Torres, Stoll, Laraque line used their speed and cycled the puck deep in the Ducks zone. Nothing came of it, but it forced an icing and seemed to keep Anaheim on their heels. A small swing of momentum, and a lucky late 2nd period goal turned around the game. Oh, and it's still nice to have Hemsky, who still looks way more dangerous than Iginla and comes quite a few million dollars cheaper.

GAME RATING: 5 Adam Oates out of 10 Bobby Dollases

TRADE ALERT: Kevin Lowe is in Edmonton "working the phones," and according to Bob MacKenzie, who's usually spot-on, there could be a deal by tomorrow. Dick Tarnstrom, tonight a healthy scratch for the Pens, is the best bet. MacKenzie suggested Jani Rita, "who's also a healthy scratch," but MacKenzie doesn't realize that Rita is almost always a healthy scratch, more likely seen in the dressing room helping Joey Moss fold towels than in an actual game. Still, I hope it's true. From the Pens games I've seen, including the one against the Oil, Tarnstrom has looked really terrible, but getting away from Pittsburgh probably does wonders for a player. Plus, it would get Peca off of the point for Powerplays.


Randy said...

I think Giguere knows exactly what time it is. It's 11:55 considering that his masterful run to the Stanley Cup a few years back hasn't really had the followup that would legitimize his mega buck salary last season.
Also, speaking of the marching hands of time... The dream Jani Rita/Sidney Crosby combo has become a reality, plus Cross for Dick Tarnstrom. Discuss.
PS- Actually just this second, the anchor on CBC Newsworld just said, "the Toronto Raptors took a big step towards not sucking today, firing their GM Mike Babcock."