Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Miracle on ice!

Man, if you had told me a month ago that Ty Conklin would be between the pipes for the Oilers first shutout of the season, I would have called you a filthy little liar and slapped you right in the mouth. Then, I probably would have felt bad for overreacting and bought you a caramel Drumstick or something, guilt-ridden but resting assured that my point had nonetheless been made. That point being Ty Conklin is bad.

But there must have been some magic in the air tonight at Rexall Place, where I had taken my dad to check out a game as a Christmas present, because—in stark contrast to everything you thought you knew—Conklin was not bad en route to a 5-0 win over the Chicago Blackhawks. Of course, Conks and the Oil had a little help from the Hawks on this one. I mean, everyone knows that the book on Chicago is that they suck shit at everything, but you really have to see them in person to get a true sense of just how eternal their fountain of hapless sadsackery springs. The Oilers barely seemed to break a sweat as they completely owned Chicago down low in the offensive end and basically moved the puck at will. Craig Anderson couldn't have stopped a beachball covered in honey (?) tonight, and really, the Oilers just played well. Most notably improved parts of our game at late has to be our puck possession and passing. Really strong work, and the major reason we're actually clicking on the power play.

Anyhow, I actually had to go back to work after the game as the issue's kind of behind, and I'm sure our layout guy Sean is probably going to be pissed to find out I'm writing a game review instead of editing copy, so I gots to go. As usual, some points!

Ty Conklin: apparently he's learned how to come across the crease without disappearing into the black hole between his legs from which no puck can escape!

Fernando PIsani: underrated, and possibly Italian or something!

Matt Greene: making his case, with a fight and some of the Oilers' hardest checks. Keep playing like that and we just might finally be able to send Cory Cross back to his post as the Slow-Moving King of Slopey Brow Castle.


Pleasure Motors said...

You know, as amazing as a Conklin shoutout was, how about Rita, too? He actually looked downright valuable out there, and would have even if he hadn't ended up scoring an easy one. He skated hard, he was around the play, I think he even backchecked a couple of times. Chicago must have some effect on terrible players.

Also, I don't think it's fair to say Andersen is terrible--I don't think he had a chance on any of the goals. Chicago's defense, however, is atrocious--they played like the puck was covered in poisonous spiders all night, and never once bothered to check an Oiler in front of the net. If you're going to lay blame, start with the stiffs that call themselves defencemen.