Monday, January 30, 2006

Photo Finish

Just a small post tonight, since I've been up for over 20 hours (long story about being woken up by lovemaking pigeons on my windowsill), but hey, whatta finish!

How many times have I watched last second faceoffs in the vain hope of a tie game? Usually I have my finger poised on the remote, ready to flip away in disgust. But everything happened just right, from the Reasoner win on the draw, Pisani's pass, and a Pronger shot that went between the legs of two Phoenix defenders into the net. Mike Morrison's (Mayor Quimby) lucky charm helmet pays off again in the shootout with a wrister off the post, but he also looked pretty good out there tonight, sans a huge rebound on Phoenix's third goal. "D-Vo"rak gets the winner, and was probably the best Oiler out there tonight (have I said how much I love this guy lately?).

The game itself was spasms, fits and starts, with penalties cutting into the flow of the game. Phoenix faded away in the third, only getting 15 shots all game, and the Oil Powerplay was a little guilty of trying to setup the perfect shot. Hemsky, for one, always seems to have enough room to skate in from the half boards and wrist the top corner, which is just as good and more accurate than feeding it to Stoll for the big shot. But no big complaints, they looked pretty good. Big tip of the foam finger to JS Giguere and his big spazz; the Oilers come out of a three game road trip 3-0 and looking like a different team.

The Oil also peeled away the bubble wrap on our new acquisitions, Dick Tarnstrom and Jaroslav Spacek. Spacek looked pretty good out there and made some remarkably considerate defensive moves to help out his D partners. Tarnstrom looked like he was shaking off some steeltown rust early on, but he settled into a cozy plus one on the night, something that still may be a bit of a novelty for him
(Spacek was plus two, with an assist). I'm not getting all high on the "new player smell," but part of me hopes Tarnstrom's lapses have something to do with the coaching in Pittsburgh. Michel Terrien's man on man defensive coverage in Pitts last game in NY, with undertalented, mopey players running around doesn't make me think he's the whipcracker people might think he is. Wishful, self-serving thinking, of course. The Spacek trade looks great, though.

GAME RATING: 8 Jani Ritas out of 10 Cory Crosses (for the cardiac finish)


Randy said...

Best replay of the night came a few hours later actually, when TSN showed a tight in shot of gretzky looking up to the clock then obviously mouthing "Fuck me!" before raking his clawlike hand over his cruel facial features. Hissssss!

sacamano said...

I loved how Prongers shot wasn't so much a "shot" as a "drive". He just hacked at it.

Anonymous said...

"D-vo"rak... nice.