Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rumours Recap

A weird day full of rumours in the NHL, including a few about the Oilers getting a goalie. First off is Theodore, who apparently is having a running feud with Habs management and Bob Gainey. Some rumour had Schremp, Laraque and Conks for Theodore, which seems unlikely. Also, today from the Inside Hockey website about Andrew Raycroft, who mysteriously missed a game:

Raycroft was not available for comment but one source did say that Raycroft actually requested the time off and felt it was “best for his game.” While the Bruins and the source may have claimed that Raycroft’s absence was injury-related, suspicion was still prevalent amongst the press corps at practice and on hockey websites and internet chat rooms.
Edmonton Oilers scouts have been present at the Bruins last three games and rumors out of Edmonton and Boston are that the Oilers have contacted the Bruins about
acquiring the former rookie of the year.

On The INSIDE HOCKEY Radio Show this past Saturday, Hall of Fame hockey writer Russ Conway claimed both the Oilers and Canucks are interested in Raycroft. One specific rumor has the Bruins receiving Edmonton forward Raffi Torres and former UNH netminder Ty Conklin in a package involving Raycroft. Reached by phone, Raycroft’s agent Jordan Neumann claimed he had “no idea” his client missed practice and was missing the trip to Philadelphia. He also said that he heard “nothing regarding an imminent trade.”


Anonymous said...

Any trade at this point would be welcome, just ease the pain.

Still not convinced Lalime was a bad goalie. I watched him for 2 seasons in Ottawa and he was not the reason that team couldn't beat Toronto. The punk bitch Ottawa "fans" and so called media just ran him out of town, which combined with being sent to St Louis probably shattered his confidence. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but passing on him (a goalie who has proven over multiple seasons he can backstop a skating team) while Juonky imploded is just another indictment of the Oilers management.


sacamano said...

To be fair, doesn't it make more sense to wait until Lalime has to clear waivers again when he gets recalled by the Blues again so that St.L has to pay 50% of his salary.

Why would anyone trade for him now with such a huge salary, when presumably they could get him for half price?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant we should have got him when he was on waivers. A trade probably wouldn't make a lot of sense. If he has to go through waivers again I doubt we'll get him.

From the Coilers website,

#1 Star-Mike Morrison, Edmonton
Excellent during the game and brilliant in the shootout, stopping 27 of 29 for the win in his return to the Oilers net.

Stops Thornton and Marleau in the shootout. If MacT starts anyone but Mojo 'Risin next game I expect him to be fired.

Anyway good to see the boys get a win,

Colby Cosh said...

How bizarre would it be see to see Theo in an Oilers uniform? Can you imagine ever getting used to that? On the plus side, he'd fit right into this town with his Hells Angels connections. He could bunk down at their clubhouse and no one would bat an eye.

The temptation with Raycroft, on the other hand, is that a previous Bruins reject did win us a Conn Smythe and a Stanley Cup.