Friday, January 27, 2006

They are night zombies!! They are neighbours!! They have come back from the dead!! Ahhhhh!

Oilers 5, Kings 3

Well, let's get the antecedent things out of the way first: today officially marked Chris!'s last Oilers game as an Edmontonian. Yes, from here on in, he will be attempting to watch his beloved Oil from the centre of universe with Mr Mike W. In other words, that blurb at the top should now officially read, "ONE [emphasis added] Edmonton journalist + TWO [emphasis added] ex-pat Edmonton writers/cartoonists living in Toronto." It's a dark day for Edmontown, but, at the very least, the Oil know how to send one of their fanly own out in style. We'll miss you Chris!, and not just because you have an uncanny knack for metaphor and the liquor-holding ability of a beer camel. Happy Toronto.

In any case, how 'bout them Oil? As a friend of mine has pointed out, the problem with the Oil is a fragile psyche: when things are going poorly, we're entirely convinced we couldn't beat a team of retarded seals, and play as such. However, when things are going good, man, we could probably beat the Russian Fifth Calvary in a land war. We seem to have found our confidence again, which means we're skating, forechecking, creating chances, finishing chances, moving the puck and shutting down the other team. I guess we can thank Giguere for boosting our morale by being the dumbest goalie alive (best quote: one of the Sportsnet broadcasters, who chimed in with, "I haven't seen a goalie that mad since Hanrahan!").

That said, let's not overlook the play of Mayor Quimby. Morrison was absoultely phenomenal, stealing at least two goals, if not more. After the last few games, if Ty Conklin ever gets played again, MacT should probably be beaten with Tommy Salo's pads. The M&M are at least good enough to keep us in every game, if not steal a few, as Morrison showed tonight: some of those saves were unreal. Like, they were actually CGI-generated saves, because there's no way he should be getting his pads on some of those pucks.

In any case, it's time for points!

-Chris Pronger never leads a rush. This was more obvious yesterday against Anaheim, where you saw Niedermayer playing behind the goal line a few times per period while Pronger never got closer than the top of the offensive face-off circles, but you could see Pronger's trepedation a few times today, too. The fact that he scores this many points without ever rushing the puck shows you how talented he is, though, especially when it comes to head-manning the puck. Tarnstrom and Spacek, who both rush, should help us offensively, though.

-Speaking of which, one of the highlights of the game was seeing the phrase, "Oilers Trade Happy" on the Sportsnet Ticker from time to time. That is just a great phrase, any which way you happy it.

-Everybody needs a Todd Harvey sometime.

-I really like watching the Kings play. As I noted at the beginning of the year, Andy Murray is a very smart hockey person, and he plays to his strengths, while being exciting. Would that every team played like them.

-UNRELATED RUMOUR MONGERING!!!!: With the addition of Tarnstrom and Spacek, the Oil now have at least eight NHL-capable defenceman: those two, Pronger, Bergeron, Staios, Smith, Ulanov and Greene. They might send Greene down, I guess, but that would seem unfair, given his incredibly solid play of late. Could another trade be in the works? Might they throw Smith in a deal for a goalie or a top-lineish forward? Given that Tarnstrom and Spacek are smiliar players, might they flip one of them for a similar need? What will they do? Even with the wins, I don't think Lowe is quite done dealing, and the surplus of D combined with our recent slumpish play (besides the last four periods) makes me think we might see another swap before the Olympics. Weeeeee!


Anonymous said...

I was listening to the game and when LA scored two I was like "F-sakes, here we go again" Anyway, good on the boys for storming back. And getting Pronger really looks like the best move last summer. His name is mentioned all game long.

Sounds like Mojo played well, I think the Coilers play better with him in net. Like PM said, if Conky ever plays again we must beat MacT like he owes us money.

Finally relief at getting rid of Rita. It doesn't matter anymore if he lights us up and scores 50 goals some day. I'm hoping our recent good drafts on defense mean we won't see the likes of him anymore.


mike w said...

That goal by Pisani was glorious; kind of the third line grinder's equivalent to Ovechkin's behind the head goal. Bag skates work, I guess.

See you Saturday, Chris. Get ready to live with non-stop chatter about the Leafs - a team neither of us care about.

Brian said...

Hearty commendation on the Sufjan reference.

Anonymous said...

True, it's unlikely the Toronto media will stop talking about the Leafs simply because Mike W and Chris don't care about them.

Anonymous said...

we won, played well, don't have cross anymore, and the leafs and vancouver lost. best thursday january 26th i maybe ever had.


mudcrutch79 said...

best thursday january 26th i maybe ever had.

Certainly not the best Thursday, January 26 in Oilers history though...tough to top January 26, 1961 (yes it was a Thursday) which completed a phenomenal eight day span for the Oilers.

Colby Cosh said...

1961? Surely you mean "the Oil Kings"...?

Colby Cosh said...

Aw, crap. I thought it was just a typo, but now I know what you were referring to, you hoser.

mudcrutch79 said...

The fact that Messier and Gretzky were born 8 days apart is one of the coolest historical oddities in all of sport. It's not quite as cool as Jeff Bagwell sharing a birthday with Frank Thomas, but Bagwell and Thomas aren't Gretzky and Messier.

Anonymous said...

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mike w said...
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mike w said...

You're plugging a Leafs blog on an Oilers site? ARE YOU INSANE?

I'd rather read "Free M:EDs" spam.