Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm at work, so a quick update:

Oilers D Cory Cross and LW Jani Rita for Pitt D Dick Tarnstrom

Oilers Tony Salmelainen for Chicago D Jaroslav Spacek

Not bad. I think it's fair to say that none of the Oilers traded were expected to do much, and we got some offensive defenceman that can work the powerplay and fill out the 5th and 6th D slots rather nicely. Kevin Lowe gets my big fat thumbs up for ditching Cross and his two-year, million a season deal. Jani Rita? We've been waiting for him since 2000, and he hasn't shown enough flair to be a scoring winger nor has he had the grit to make it as a checking 3rd or 4th liner. We wish him well (and yet doubt that he will do so).

Salmelainen has the most upside, especially in the touchy-feely new NHL. His lack of size and grit shouldn't be a problem with the new rules, and he deserves another shot in the NHL. The Oilers looked like they had given up on him anyway, and getting Spacek pays immediate dividends. Both Spacek and Tarnstrom are free agents after this year, but that said, the upsides stand out 1)the Oil didn't lose any key prospects, and 2) added much-needed depth at defence.


mike w said...

Spacek is one ugly dude, eh?

mike w said...

From Spector's hockey:

Hat tip to "Revingev" for the following on the Oilers: "Just writing to let you know while listening to the Oilers Radio today and Pat Laforge on 630 Ched told us at (4:40 pm.Mountain Time) before signing off, "I would say to the Oiler Fans, Stay Tuned"

There is huge speculation amongst the media, some reliable insiders that by the end of this small road trip they will have at least a Top Goalie in their Camp. The names most being mentioned are Bergeron, maybe even Spacek who they traded for, staios and either Jussi or Morrison."

James Gunner follows up with this: "By my count this leaves Pronger, Smith, Staios, Tarnstrom, Spacek, Greene, Bergeron, Ulanov on defense. That still leaves 8 d men. Are the Oil going to send Greene down? Ulanov will continue to watch from the press box most nights. I'm wondering if Staios, Smith or Begeron will be dangled as trade bait after this. The need to give up one dman to get two seems unnecessary."

mike w said...

NEW PLAYER TRIVIA: According to a Blackhawks podcast, Jaroslav Spacek is a bit of a joker and went as a "hippy" for the team Hallowe'en party.

Dick Tarnstrom seems more like a stiff.

Then again, maybe one of these guys will gone within a week if the Oilers trade for a goalie, so we'll see.

But is Biron really an upgrade? We already have two backups and another who probably shouldn't be in the league anymore.

Anonymous said...

plus spacek is good at the ole flame submarine. should add more hate fuel to the battle of alberta. maybe he can take out kipper at the knees.