Thursday, January 5, 2006

Up to date!

Once again, I'm gonna blow the dust off this blog and offer a bit of an update. Mike Morrison, our goalie with the best save percentage thus far, has been sent down to the dregs of the ECHL. It's hardly surprising, but kind of sad. Especially since Conklin has been allowed to have numerous meltdowns and second chances, while Morrison really only played poorly for about 10 minutes between two games, getting pulled in both. He wasn't exactly as good as his stats would indicate, but he deserves a better fate.
The good news is it's a "conditioning stint," (avoiding waivers) which means Conklin's not safe just yet.

Of course, there's barely enough playing time for our better-bet prospect Jeff Deslauriers in Hamilton, our 31st pick in 2002, so it's off to Greenville for Mike.

Meanwhile, Dvorak should be back Sunday after missing a month of action nursing his groin (I love that expression).


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt he'll back. He's NHL calibre, and even if Conklin stops sucking he is rather old in hockey terms. We haven't seen the last of Mr. Morrison.

Steve said...

Uh, Conklin's all of 29. I'm too lazy to do calculate the average age of NHL starting goalies, but I'd be not far off stunned if it's appreciably younger than that.

That said, I agree with you about Morrison, and suspect that we'll see him in Oiler silks again before the year's out.

sacamano said...

It may not be old for goaltenders as a whole, but it is most certainly old for goaltenders who have never played a full season.

Steve said...

Um. . . okay. But that says precisely fuck-all about how much longer he'll be sticking around, which appears to have been anonymous' point.

Pleasure Motors said...

Steve, the picture of you as a woman really adds a certain respectability to your points.