Wednesday, February 8, 2006

A sad day, indeed

Well, losses happen.

Not enough skating 5 on 5, sloppy backchecks and plain ol' luck ended up being the difference in the Oilers loss. Colorado's top line buried their chances and for once Aebischer was really good between the pipes.

To no one's surprise, the Oilers were outskated in their second game in two nights, but they did try to mount a rally in the third. Unfortunately, MacT threw out Laraque after one of our goals, which led to an
immediate missed check on Andrew Burnette and the rest is forgettable history. Two disallowed goals (this time Smyth did kick it in) didn't help, much either. Mike Morrison's game-turning saves were undercut by some true softies, unfortunately. But I still like him better than Conklin!

Some positives: Matt Greene looked pretty smooth out there, dishing out passes, both hitting and fighting Bob Boughner, and ended up even in the plus/minus category. The Powerplay chugged along and Spacek seems very comfortable in his new Oilers silks, playing alongside Pronger (although both have had better games than tonight). Otherwise, let's just forget this game ever happened, okay?

GAME RATING: 3 Janet Gretzkys out of 10 Boris Mironovs


Anonymous said...

What was the score - it's not up at this point and you're my ONE STOP SPORTS FOUNTAIN.


sacamano said...

My key to the game turns out to have been correct.

How many times has this happened to the team this year?