Tuesday, February 7, 2006

That's MAYOR Quimby, to you

Edmonton 6 (SO)
Anaheim 5


The six hole, four hole, two hole, you name it! Goals were going in both ways, forcing me to think of new turning points to write about for the recap. Of course, Mike Morrison was the game breaker: playing half a period of shutout hockey while improving his incredible shootout record to 5-0.

Turns out that, once again, pulling an Oilers goalie is what really makes this team win games. Surely, even counting the high rollin' 1980s, this has to be near a team record for wins after pulling a netminder. Jussi Markannen only looked real soft on the last goal, but then, he never seemed in control even on his best saves of the game. Mike Morrison still gives out big fluffy rebounds that even he seems shocked by, but with a better sense of timing than either Markannen or Conks (that and he's better down low, mucking around the crease).

Conks, incidentally, was put on waivers just before the game, probably 3 months too late. But the goaltending circus continues: Markannen, somewhat to my relief, was battling the flu tonight, retching between periods, and won't make the trip to Colorado tomorrow. That leaves us with one and a half goalies for tomorrow's matchup, and if Conklin clears waivers he'll still be in the picture for one night anyway.

Is Morrison our Number One? Until further notice. I'm not convinced he's a starter so much as he's adequate, which throws him into sharper relief from Markannen and Conklin's inconsistent play. The silver lining is that for goalie's composure is half the battle, and he seems to be winning the confidence of Oilers and Oilers fans alike.

The Foam Finger Award (hereby awarded to the Second Best Player of the Game) goes to Fernando Pisani, for having the orbs to use the exact same shootout-winning five-hole deke he used a couple months back to defeat Calgary. He doesn't look like he shoots hard, but he's got a deceptive little wrister that makes goalies look bad. (also a nod to MacT for putting him in the shootout: you gotta give the coach his due when his hunches pay off)

Quick points because it's 4:00 am and there's another game tomorrow:

- Rob Schremp on Corey Perry: "All he ever does is that toe drag move." Indeed, I saw it a couple of times tonight, but these young Anaheim freaks were looking pretty good out there. Good passing, forecheck, deflections, etc when McDonald, Getlaf, and that Chris Kunitz guy are on the ice.

- Top three reasons Laraque wins almost every fight: 1) he's lefthanded 2) he's 250 lbs and 3) must have the wing span of a pterodactyl. Goal scores and Point leaders are usually separated by a handful of points and goals, but Laraque is clearly the league leader in punching players in the mind

- Will Hemsky be around in four years?
Vishnevsky clobbered Hemsky cutting across the ice with his head down, sending him head over heels. "Thank god Hemsky isn't hurt," Colourman Ray Ferraro later said, followed by a shot of a cross-eyed Hemsky on the bench, looking very brain damaged, possibly thinking of burnt toast

Game Rating: 7 Todd Marchants out of 10 Tyler Wrights


Paul said...

Hey, I really like reading this blog after Oiler games, but one thing I felt compelled to tell you after reading this most recent post after the Ducks game is that Markkanen is spelled with 2 'K's not 2 'N's.

This is by no means meant to be a complaint or a slight cause you are obviously a good writer, but I thought you would want the correction.


mike w said...


Thanks Paul. I usually do check the spelling of player names but I guess I slipped last night. Turns out that Markkanen is spelled wrong on the websites for the CBC, the Sun, and for the Edmonton Oilers, no less.

Uh, GO Oilers!?!

sacamano said...

I'd also add that LeGG's fist is approximately the size of a small pumpkin (or Tie Domi's head), and that it is obviously made out of some kind of polytherimide plastic that doesn't break and doesn't feel pain while pounding occipital bones.

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