Sunday, March 5, 2006

Deferring to the Orbs


As the weekend Globe put it, the Oilers can't keep "losing games in which they outshoot their opponents 2 to 1." Well then: good news.

Chris Pronger, orbs glowing, pulled off a better-late-than-never victory with two Powerplay goals, the last on the 42nd Oilers shot of the game. Nashville clearly needs to trade for a big Brendan Witt type at the deadline since injuries have taken a toll and what's left gets pushed around in their own zone. With all of their hooking and grabbing, the Preds pretty much gift-wrapped the game from the second period onward, although the Oilers were almost too modest to take it.

Is Conklin playing better? Sure, but that only means he's back to being a .880 goalie. Vokoun flops around a lot but seems to know what he's doing whereas Conks simply flops around because he loses sight of the puck. Not a bad game though.

Rem Murray is the new, faster skating Todd Harvey on the team. I liked what I saw from him in Detroit's preseason and was surprised to see him get passed over for another ex-Oiler, Dan Cleary. He looked good and got a few touches, but that's about it, since the fourth line was tucked away on the bench for most of them game. Ryan Smyth played big yet again, which makes me wonder whatever happened to signing him to a contract extension. If I remember correctly, the Oilers have a chance to renegotiate an extension starting in January, otherwise he'll be a free agent in July. In short: he's a keeper, let's keep him.

Spacek has quickly become a top 4 Defenceman, and played pretty darn sensible in front of the net. Bergeron looked gassed and Dvorak played very much like a 7 goal scorer (along with linemate Torres, who went invisible and seemingly was benched late in the third). Nevertheless, let us drink wine: victory!



Anonymous said...

Smyth is signed for the 06/7 season as well.


mike w said...

Ah! Thanks.

MikeP said...

Torres had 4 third period shifts, although none in the second half. Not much, but Stastny / Murray / Laraque saw a whole lot less (51 seconds for the Gem and BG, and 46 for Yan), and Tarnstrom didn't see much ice either. Looks like Reasoner got spot duty (faceoffs?). MacT just shortened his bench, I guess.

Anonymous said...

MacT had a bunch of weird lines that game trying to tie the game. Kind of looks like Torres got shuffled downward and sat the pine.

Anonymous said...

Are we officially in "Must Win" territory yet? I mean can we use the official "Must Win Game?" designation with impunity while talking with our friends and neighbours? Just wondering.