Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Et tu, Roloson?

Minnesota 3
Edmonton 2

What can you say? The Oilers are rolling along, getting close to a goal, and then Rolston skates up the ice and OF COURSE scores the winner half way through the third. Roloson's slutty five hole seals the deal. For the record, if you ever hear of a team coming to Edmonton with a consecutive losing streak, consider it a bad thing for the home team.

What is one to do with all of this anger? Channel it into art. You'll understand if I forego the usual in-depth Oilers review of a gutting loss (which is sort of like picking over the corpse of a best friend who just got hit by a bus) and try to finish that painting of John Diefenbaker in a shriner's hat I've been working on.

At least Anaheim and San Jose lost out right, although I'm starting to think of Anaheim as the least of our worries for making the playoffs.

PS: I hope Hemsky, who left with a back injury, is okay.


lowetide said...

Well you made me laugh which I would have thought impossible after that debacle.

Will this Diefenbaker painting be available for sale? And how long do you estimate the jowl work to take?

Anonymous said...

Another frustrating loss. Good blog by the way....so much for getting Roloson for that "one more save" that apparently we weren't getting with Morrison.

mike w said...

>so much for getting Roloson for that "one more save"

Yeah, and is my face red: I even ventured that Roli would get us "one less goal." We need a .900 SV % to make the playoffs. Simple as that.

>Will this Diefenbaker painting be available for sale?

Nah, it's for a pal. I did once do a painting for a show of Ryan Smyth on a golf course (I'm ashamed to say I made his eyes more close together for effect) and I regret not taking a picture of it before I sold it. Ah well.

PS: if it's any consolation, the Oilers will play most of the teams we have to beat to get in the playoffs (in effect, 4 point games), so it's not all doom and gloom.

Halfwise said...

I am rationalizing all of this home ice disadvantage crap by (1)assuming there will be an answer to my prayer "Please God don't let us meet Dallas again in the first round" and (2)beginning to think that Detroit would be a nice matchup.

Anonymous said...

I think the time is ripe for Lowe to fire MacT, take over the team for the last 9 games and scare the shit out of them into winning some games. Sorry, but only a fool would have MacT back next year so why not pull the trigger when it's bound to actually have an effect? Didn't New Jersey do that one year?