Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Some days you just end up watching NHL Centre Ice instead of reading a book or getting some exercise. With 10 Western Conference teams in action tonight, I'm basically cheering against overtime (remember the golden age of wins, losses and ties?) and of course, Vancouver. Speaking of wasting one's precious time, I did find this gem. Oh, the days of Conklin, Bishai, and Chimera. And it's interesting to note that Atlanta's Andy Sutton has basically always been a shit.


mike w said...

Heh. Wow, did Vancouver look terrible. Their "top line" (Nasuland -4, Bertuzzi -3) was AWOL, the defence is hobbled and pylon-like and Alex Auld got pulled after some softies. One can only hope they don't change a thing for this week.

James Mirtle said...

Vancouver, indeed, is in a heap of trouble.

Nice video pic — what year is that from anyway? Brewer sure looks slender (although perhaps that's only when compared to Andy Sutton).

Eyeris said...

I always wonder what prompts the goalies to join the fight. Most of the time, they just stay in the background and skate tight circles within their cocoon of blue ice. Also, consider the fact that those two people are furthest away from each other on ice when fights occur. Are they fighting just because they feel left out?

Also, I find numerous parts of that brawl to be mildly homoerotic.

Colby Cosh said...

But what is this "ex-er-cise" of which you speak?