Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Looking for: Team Gel


"Gel," a sports plasm that mysteriously keeps a team binded and together, was notably absent in the Oilers first game after the Olympic break.
Hesitations and false starts, 20 foot passes out of reach, bewildering blind passes going nowhere, much of it in the first half of the game. Then, the Oilers found some life, except, wait... our goaltending had spotted already St. Louis some goals with a sterling 33% Save Percentage to seal our fate.

Radio rumours being what they are, Team 1260 has been talking up trade for Cujo (with
Brodziak or Winchester and a pick in return). Cujo has cooled down to an average .899, but it's better than what we got, in my post-loss opinion. Thing is, we've already somewhat committed to a playoff push, with Spacek and Tarnstrom, with the Peca deal, getting Pronger and with the endless pre-lockout mantra of Oilers ownership to "just wait." A goalie hole was hard enough the first time when it was called "Tommy Salo".

In an interesting move, MacT played the fourth line twice as much as usual, especially in a come-from-behind situation. That's mostly because Laraque, Harvey, Reasoner and Winchester played pretty well and kept the puck down low. Yan Stastny did more in his 7 minutes than Jani Rita ever did in 21 games as an Oiler. Well, I might be exaggerating a tad, but he played bigger than he is, kind of like Torres, and I liked the way he was skating around out there tonight. I mentioned Torres: is there any other Oiler that chokes his stick this tight? I see him running around, with those neurotic bulging eyes - I'm worried we may have to call in a shrink. He can't seem to play a simple game when the chips are down, which might explain his 15 and 20-game goal droughts.

Gotta hand it to the Blues, though! Once again I'm trying to keep track of players I've barely heard of like Stempniak or that Wideman guy. Even though we got 37 shots in, St. Louis D-men like Kevin Dallman and Eric Weinrich played beyond their means and kept most of it to the outside (blocking 18 shots!). Then there's that Sanford guy: is he part of the St. Louis fire sale? No? Okay. Fuck!



Steve said...

I've been waiting for the Peter Ing reference. He was one of my favourite goalies even when he was with the Leafs, and I was really excited when we got him (again, evidence that nobody should have believed me when I said that Ty Conklin would pan out just great). And it's not just because "P. Ing" is pronounced the same is "peeing", which I totally found hilarious back in the day (yesterday).