Friday, March 3, 2006

STARMAN featuring Ales Hemsky

Lord Thunderin' Christ. Nice goal.

One of the great things about the Oilers this season is watching this guy whizz around the ice, trying to split 4 guys while narrowly avoiding a compound fracture of the pelvis. He tries it once a game and thanks to fortuitous timing, he finally pulled it off, with a minute to go. Young San Jose Defenceman Josh Gorges is probably looking out of his charter flight window right now, feeling sad.

I misssed some of the first, but most of the game was a tight, checking playoff-style game, with both teams doing a good job chasing the puck. Imagine my surprise to come home to a goaltending duel (of sorts) with Ty Conklin getting the surprise start. He kind of was becoming the story of the game, looking good with his rebound control, but San Jose kind of made him look a little silly in the third. It doesn't mean much, but it's nice to see Conklin playing better anyway.

Raffi Torres battled through the fact that he's a spazz and banged in the third period tie-breaker. Then the Oilers extended their usual courtesy of letting the opposing team score immediately after we get up a goal, so there was that. Then Marc Andre Bergeron made a bad pinch, the building went quiet, and then the top line did an excellent job with the forecheck, setting up a fat rebound for Horcoff's 17th. Cue immaculate Hemsky goal. For those of you who think of Jason Smith as being overhyped and slow (well, Matt at BoA does, anyway), Gator was the best defenceman in the game: physical and pivotal with the tying-goal pinch.

Good Stuff.


- Sportsnet please understand: the Bell Ad with the CGI beavers screaming to each other in a limo makes me change the channel

- Further signs that we have a solid blueline: all 6 of em played about twenty minutes each, with a Matt Greene to spare. The Ulanov-Cross tandem seems like a distant memory, doesn't it?

- Morley Scott is safe... for now



Chris! said...

Uh... I also think Jason Smith is overrated and slow. that doesn't mean i'm a BoAer, does it?

Also, anyone who thinks we should trade for Cujo clearly needs a suture to drain some fluid away from their brain. Especially if it's Kool-Aid, because, oh man, that shouldn't be in your head at all.

Also also, I'm drunk. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Hemske goal it was awesome, best goal by an Oiler in ages.

Colier fans sure are a sweet, sentimental lot (check out our coaching staff), I'd rather see a church burn than trade for Cujo.


Steve said...

I'd rather see a church burn *and* trade for Cujo.

Prus said...

I was at that game and once he got around the first guy it seemed like everyone in the building knew it was going to go in. Despite my hatred of the Oil, even i was in awe.

Garnet said...

Who would we have to give up for Biron, in your reckoning? It's probably time to do this; I figure the price for Roberto Luongo would be (and probably should be) very high indeed.

Colby Cosh said...

The beaver ads could saved if they'd just let them swear. You can tell Norm Macdonald is dying to drop an F-bomb.