Thursday, March 23, 2006

Team from overrated city wins game

Vancouver 4 (SO)
Edmonton 3

[he says, fists and elbows tucked in, falling to the hardwood floor].

And Todd "almost kills a guy and then everyone feels sorry for him" Bertuzzi of all people does it in a shootout. The Canucks potted every goal against Roloson in the shootout, so I guess the HF board torch-and-pitchfork crowd can have something to mob about. Plus, he did let in a softie in the first.

But if you want something to blame, please blame the top line and the powerplay. Although the play was miles better than it was last game, the Oil simply didn't do enough until overtime, which they dominated. Vancouver players, even the dumb slow ones, have waaay too much room in the neutral zone, which just lets those Martian Sedin twins do their creepy ESP thing down low. Nasulnd is back to form and Bertuzzi even woke up for a bit, which is apparently a rare -32 treat.

When they're playing well, the Oilers strength is playing a good transition game: sticks in the passing lanes, rushing the puck carrier, blocking shots and anticipating the play. More importantly, these turnovers create the speed our top lines need to create chances. Of course it's elementary, really, but it's something I think about when I see slowpokes like Eric Weinrich and Sean Brown with the time to make plays. The Oilers look like they've hit the reset button since the trade, and unfortunately for us fans they're still figuring out how to player together. The fourth line of Laraque, Harvey and Peca basically turned the game around. Peca's first period was his best all season, and the shootout goal certainly makes him less of a Mike York trade ripoff. Torres didn't have to time to think on his two goals, which is why he scored. And our truly top shelf talent, Hemsky and Samsonov, made strides this game, although Hemsky has suddenly turned super allergic to the front of the net. See Horcoff split the D in OT? The Canucks are splitable. Do more of that.

So: I'm not sure what to make of the game. They still look groggy and unsteady, like a recently tagged bear or something. T
he Oil have to shake off their bad, post-trade habits and put together some sort of run, like NOW.

- It took MacT way too long to realize having no centremen on the PP was killing us. Remember we signed Adam Oates because of Ryan Smyth in the dot.

- Shootouts are still a lame way to end a game. This will be more obvious later in the season. Roloson had no chance on his shootout goals against.

- I read once that in males testosterone goes up by, like, 40 per cent when watching hockey. After tonight, I don't know whether to shiv a pillow or lose the rest of my hair.

GAME RATING: 7 flat tax Libertarians out of 10 internet cafe hippies

PS: Barely finished writing this and webboard posts are already clamouring for Dwayne Roloson's head on a pike.


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Overrated? Yes.
Pretentious? Yes.
Expensive? Yeah

Still 100,000x better than Edmonton? Of course.

Roly Poly seems to be back to his old 'slow-as-a-slug' self that he was before the magic pixie dust he got in Minnesota.

sacamano said...

Hey Hey! Welcome back Mike. Great review (you're right, it is brutal to try to keep updating when the team blows).

I'll agree on two of the shootout goals, but Big Burt was looking at the puck the entire way down the sheet. Rollie could have got a poke in there no problem.

Meh, I'm still not overly disappointed with the game. The Oilers controlled the third and OT. They just need to put together an entire game.

Julian said...

On that testosteronen note, I've heard it goes that men's testosterone levels rise about 50% when their team wins a game.
Makes sense, I don't feel much like any lovin' for a few hours after an Oilers loss.

muc b said...

great review of the game. i really like the tagged bear analogy. stoll's ice time seemed diminished in this game. rolo sure doesn't react much after the initial save. i don't feel that bad about the game either. hope fully the oil will put it all together tommorow.

Vic Ferrari said...

I agree with you on Roloson and the shootout. Though after skimming the boards ... i think we're in the extreme minority.

That Bertuzzi goal in the first was terrible. Teams don't win many games when they gift the other team a goal, and that has to stop if the Oilers are going to make the playoffs methinks.