Sunday, March 5, 2006

They call the wind Murray

Hey, look who we went and reclaimed. According to the release, we signed him to a one-year contract, and moved Winchester back down to Hamilton, so I guess he'll be mucking around our fourth line for the remainder of the season. The Gem was always one of those quintessential Oiler pluggers, a chiefly defensive third-/fourth-liner who could occaisionally get hot and play second line (see Pisani, Moreau, Marchant, Grier, Harvey, Torres [that's probably not fair--Torres can't really play defence {zing!}] et al).

Murray is also, of course, a feel-good story: he had a fairly rare nerve problem in his neck that made it so he couldn't keep his head upright due to involuntary muscle contractions (I believe he even had trouble walking, but I couldn't confirm that), but worked his way back to being the last player cut from the Red Wings earlier this year (in favour of Dan Cleary, if you can believe it). Who knows if he'll stick around with us after this year, but it's nice of the organization to help out a fairly good guy. (I think it's also probably a pretext of a trade that will involve at least one of our bevy of third-line-and-below players, but why don't we just call it a nice move for now.)

Now, is there some sort of feel-good starting goalie we could acquire?

(PS: Who the hell picks the photos for hockey cards? There wasn't one picture of Rem Murray taken in 1996 where he was facing a camera, or not about to do a face-plant?)


Chris! said...

I like Rem and all, but I'm not too horny about this acquisition. As the length of your list will attest, we've got more gritty pluggers than there are Gap stores in West Edmonton Mall, so why bother cramming one more into the mix now?

Maybe they're just hoping he'll retire so they can put him in charge of something important, and then watch him do poorly but never fire him.