Sunday, March 26, 2006

Three games later, we're exactly where we started

Oilers 3, Canucks 2

Ahem, so, remember how this "blog" has three "contributors" who are supposed to "provide content"? Well, uh, someone other than Mike actually watched the game, and actually has something to contribute. Novel, no? About as novel as beating the Canucks, apparently.

Despite the protestations of the enlightened lot over at oilfans, anyone who pins our woes on Dwayne Roloson is being entirely unfair: he has his moments of weakness (like that almost-wraparound in the second period), but he gives us a chance to win every game, as evidenced splendidly by his performance tonight--I counted at least three times when Conklin would have been flopping on his back watching the puck sail past him that Roloson held the fort. He came up big when we needed, which is all you can really ask of a 36-year-old career tandem starter. God bless him.

As for the rest of the team, it was a solid general effort. There were significant portions of the first and second periods where we were getting tooled, but we managed to stick it out, and capitalized when we had chances. The fourth line wasn't quite as dominant as in the first two games, but that was offset by the fact everyone else played better. Moreau in particular looked like he would have curb-stomped his own mother (with his skate) to win, but in general, there was a lot more energy this game.

It's just a shame that, you know, we left the series with three points, Vancouver with four. It's very nice that we managed the split, of course, but this was our chance to pretty much secure our spot, and all we could do was, uh, you know, keep sitting on the bubble. I swear it's almost like the front office orchestrates this so people will keep buying seats or something. I mean, we went out and got everything we thought we needed--defensive depth, a goaltender, secondary scoring--and we're still fighting for the chance to play Dallas in the first round. Just once, I'd like our first-round Dallas match-up to be assured before April. I dream too much, I guess.

To finish this up, as is my lazy wont, random thoughts on the game:

-Raffi Torres needs to drive to the net more. For someone of his, uh, build (?), he really is quite the perimeter player. He went to the net harder on Thursday, and got a goal from it (and the other one, from his usual place in the slot), and I think if he would play the Smyth of the second line, he'd probably score a little more regularly.

-The Journal had a story today suggesting Mike Peca won't be back next year; we should use his $4 mil on Samsonov and Spacek. I don't know what the actual odds of us resigning our mid-season pickups are, but if I had to rank them in order of who I want the most, it'd probably be Samsonov, Spacek, Roloson, Tarnstrom. The probabilites are probably entirely reversed on that, but we should be able to keep at least one of the S guys.

-Matt Greene looks like an NHL defenceman to me. Don't know if he's top-four stuff yet, but certainly anything up to five.

-I kind of liked listening to Hughson and Millen saying Hemsky should shoot, only to watch him make some needle-threading pass that resulted in a scoring chance. Granted, Hemsky is a little hesitant, but he still probably makes the right decision for his skill level four times out of five.

-I think Duke has had some kind of far-reaching effect (or was at the game): some Canucks fan was caught on CBC holding a sign that referenced "Coilers"; I suppose it's possible two people came up with that independently of each other, but I like to think the seed is spreading.


MikeP said...

Hasn't Coilers been around for a while? I seem to remember hearing it in the late '90s, but I could be wrong. I'd have thought it was on Usenet, but I don't see anything relevant. Still, it was one of those old/new things for me when I saw it again recently.

mudcrutch79 said...

Perusing the Sun's coverage this morning, I came across this line:

"He's been up and down this season more times than a toilet seat in a public washroom, but Josh Green is exactly where he wants to be now."

Now, I'm no professional writer but a) that sucks HORRIBLY and b) the Edmonton Sun toilet fetish continues.

roddie said...

Plus - who puts toilet seats up in public washrooms?

sacamano said...

I had totally forgotten about the Sun's fecal fetish. It would also explain the whale droppings analogy for Samsonov.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Coilers...I'd love to take credit but I remember hearing it from one of my 76th ave roomates. For years my group of friends used it and screamed it incoherently during many an after game cry in our beer session at the strathcona hotel. If you've ever supped Mary's deliciously mungy ale, maybe you heard it there.

Since then I've heard it everywhere, from Whyte Ave to the world...


PS-is anyone else completely sick of those Norm MacDonald commercials for Bell? Remind me never to buy a phone from them. Do they still play the same 4 commercials during the playoffs on CBC?