Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Trade nibbles

Braying trade reaction from that old stand by, the TSN webboard:

A solid number 1????? BOOOOO YA Right.
"Brutal! I didn't think it was possible for the Oil to get worse in goal"

This is a travesty!!
talk about overpayment!!

Did the Oilers overpay for a 36-year old backup Unrestricted Free Agent? Maybe. But I like to think that his .910 save percentage and/or .911 career save precentage speaks for itself. He could suck at anytime, of course, but he's at least played deep in the playoffs and has consistent numbers in the past. Anyway, with the Oilers current abysmal state between the pipes, we're talking about one less goal against per game, which would have single-handedly won us about 8-10 more games if we had a decent goalie all season. That is pretty much the only thing I care about.

Roloson is not great, but he's what we desperately needed, and still better than the other realistic options (Belfour, Cujo, Noronen). I would also encourage everyone to peruse the drafts year-by-year at HockeyDB, and take a look at all of those unrecognizable names taken 15th-20th (sadly, many of them are Oilers' picks). Roloson is worth the gamble.

PS: He's slow, but on the other hand when's the last time we praised an Oilers goalie for rebound control?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to wait until Roli completely shits the bed before I bash the deal. Until then I'm cautiously optimistic.

This deal may still fit in with other moves...


James Mirtle said...

It's a good move, the best that was available. The pick is a lot to give up, but in a best-case scenario, Roloson plays lights out and resigns for next season.

MarkU said...

As MacT said after the shootout loss to Dallas, we just need a goalie who can give us one more save each night. I think Roloson might be able to fit that bill....let's hope so!

bigleaguer said...

Roloson's not an improvement. I can't believe that MacTeetime and Lowe-Tide II would put their careers in the hands of a journeyman. Meet the new sieve, same as the old sieves...