Friday, March 24, 2006

Workplace Wonderings

If there's any solace, last night's loss hasn't changed the Oilers situation a whole lot. MC79's now-indispensable playoff spreadsheet is a triumph of math over feelings

No real effect for the Oilers from the loss-they drop from a 48.6% shot to a 47.3% shot. As speeds noted in the comments a while ago, the hit or bump from a game depends on the expected outcome. The Oilers expected outcome for Saturday is 0.956 points while it's 1.2 points for the Canucks-a win in regulation for the Oil on Saturday and they'll bump nicely above 50%.
In other words, with a win in regulation Saturday night the birds will sing and the sun will shine once again in Oilersland. Also a thank-you to MC79 for the analytical heavy lifting which frees me up to write whatever subjective bullshit I want, whether it be "Orbs of Power" jokes or speculation on Steve Staios' semi-regular faux 'stache.


sacamano said...

No doubt! I'm loving all of these new Oiler blogs that actually, you know, do research, crunch numbers, make logical arguments based on sound principles.

It sure frees the rest of us up to just talk smack based on historical prejudices, unwarrented opinions, and blind loyalties.