Monday, April 17, 2006

And so, with this, the season ends

Edmonton 4
Colorado 2

Ah Rem Murray, you floppy-necked Masterton Trophy nominee, nice to see the first goal of the year even if it has no impact on whether you'll win the damn trophy (this distinction belongs to stalwarts like Dany Heatley and maybe even Sean Avery next year when he kills a black guy with his car in the off-season).

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Oilers showed some promise for the playoffs, with a smothering blanket kind of win we were once used to: doubled up on shots, some aggresive forechecking, and the help of some sloppy Colorado defence. Kind of retro to see Conklin flopping all around the ice on his 15 shots, almost as if he's trying to press his body flat as possible on the ice on Colorado's second goal. It's likely his last game as an Oiler, so: Good Stuff, Ty!

Of course, most of what I say is hearsay or cobbled together from highlights. I spent the night drinking the fuck out of Labatt 50 pints with sometime Covered in Oil blogger Chris, catching up after his recent trip to Edmonton (we're, of course, still jacked on all things E-ville) and perhaps taking a collective, lazy breath before the big playoff push. On top of all of the new Oil blogs, I see that Abel to Yzerman is already doing a better job covering all things Oilers, which kind of puts pressure on us to do stuff. That and Christy at Behind the Jersey is pretty damn good, too.

The Big Plan: still trying to nail down tickets on eBay for Game 1 at Joe Louis, which might end up with me getting shived in the back for wearing a Oilers jersey in downtown Detroit, blood everywhere. Maybe, if I'm lucky, the CBC'll cut to me, the lone Oilers fan, disgustingly thrusting my pelvis at the back of some Wings fan's head when we score in Overtime.


Coluch said...

Ummm, you just linked me to, not one, but TWO Detroit Red Wings blogs. What. The. Fuck.

Are you sleeping with the enemy?

mudcrutch79 said...

Fuck I wanted to go to that game so badly...unfortunately, I've got three exams and a paper to finish so me and my army of knife wielding monkeys (I don't go to Detroit alone) will have to watch the game from here.

Floppy necked Masterton candidate? Awesome.