Sunday, April 2, 2006

Art Attack!

Here's a sort-of replica of the doodle I did last night of Bryan Hall to cheer myself up during the Orbs-withering loss to the Calgary Flames. For non-Edmontonians (how did you get here?), Hall is the chief local media shill and 630 CHED blowhard who's more famous for his shameless plugs for local dealerships, restaurants, carpet cleaners and anyone else willing to pay him to extoll their wares on his show. He's also famous for literally smacking lips when doing promos for Tony Roma's restaurants ("Prime Rib!...[smack smack]").

Click on the image to see it at a larger size.


Halfwise said...

CHED - "Alberta's Infomercial Superficial"

My car and house are "BryanHall-free" zones.

lowetide said...

We used to have a drinking game during Eskimos broadcasts. The phrase we looked for was "far right hash marks" but we were so drunk by the end of the first quarter we've changed it to having a drink everytime Farlinger says more than 6 words.

Haven't been drunk in several years now.

Sean said...

One of the best things about moving to Ontario is that I never EVER have to hear Bryan Hall.

Heather said...

Last year at the Roadrunners games they had a promotion called "Chuck a Puck." (They sold pucks for a buck and whoever landed one closest to centre ice got half the money raised) One blissful evening we got to chuck our pucks at Hallsy. He stood at centre ice and we all tried to pelt him...He was a pussy and wore a helmet but it was a very pleasurable experience, in fact the only pleasurable experience I have ever had when Hall is involved.

Anonymous said...

And I always thought that the hatred of all things Hallsy was the mark of a NON-edmontonian!? But really, after all this time, when he does eventually go, aren't you going to miss him a little?

bigleaguer said...

Here's a tip: Move away from Alberta (like the way I unfortunately have had to do) and not listen to Bryan Hall for almost a decade. Then go home and visit relatives and laugh uproariously when you hear him on the radio. Truly terrible. He hasn't been the same since Legendary Jackie Parker handed in his microphone!
Legendary Jackie Parker: (muted Miss. drawl) "I don't know, I thought it was a forward pass."

Halfwise said...

My favorite was BH in Vancouver, "interviewing" the Lions head coach, and after his usual 3 minute rambling self-indulgent discourse finally getting around to his so-called question - "Are you expecting a physical football game today?"

The answer was perfect. "Never seen one that wasn't, Bryan." End of interview.

Anonymous said...

Brian Hall licks ball. But the doodle is pretty cool.

I was a waiter at the Olive Garden and I often served him. He was not a great tipper as I recall, but he was as loud and obnoxious as he is on the radio. Just brutal.

IF we make the playoffs and play Detroit, it's 4 straight folks. Basically anyone in the top 3 owns the Coil.

Good for the old "couple games of playoff revenue", but I think another ritualistic Coiler 8th place finish followed by the first round swan dive just drives home the point that something is wrong with the culture of the team.

A team this beloved and playing in this crazy of a hockey environment where the expectations are so high cannot just be so completely ass without something being totally disfunctional. (reference : Toronto)

Just saying is all,


Randy said...

I hate to be one of these "inside information" blogophytes, but regarding the Chuck a Puck at the Roadrunners: I have it on good authority that they confiscated a dozen real pucks at the doors, then still had a few land on the ice.
Whose going to win the Grey Cup this year, Bryan? Tony Roma's 36 Lubex 21.

Heather said...

That's good insider info...If I had known in advance that Hallsy was going to play target that evening I would have smuggled in a few Pandas pucks of my own to ring of his white Jofa Helmet.

Colby Cosh said...

Yeah, or a cinder block.