Monday, April 10, 2006

Blog bits

No, I'm not beyond dusting off my old Oilers comics for new Covered in Oil posts. After last night, I was thinking about whether I'll ever see an Oilers Stanley Cup in my lifetime again, which was also the inspiration for this. Unfortunately, the text reads small, but the mom (my daughter?) in the strip is reading "Mike Winters' Will and Testament."

LOGO NEWS: Since no good anagram goes unrewarded, I thought I'd update the Toronto Maple Leafs crest with Colby Cosh's funny-cuz-its-true reworking of the team name. Feel free to print it out and iron it on a cotton T-shirt.

And I'm still pissed off about last night. How many times have we had our asses served to us by a team on a record-setting losing streak with a fourth-string goalie? Bah.


Julian said...

"release the Comries"? That is gold, just gold.

But man, do you have to be an Oilers nerd to find that funny or what.

Garnet said...

Well, the Canucks lost, so our fate is back in our hands. All things considered, we might prefer it to be in someone else's, but ...