Monday, April 3, 2006


He he!

For all of Oilers fans' whimpering over the Battle of Alberta, there's a team doing an even better job of screwing up their playoff hopes: the Vancouver Canucks! After stinking it up Sunday, they came up short again tonight in a 1-0 loss to the Kings. What a difference a Demitra makes (as well as tighter defence: this is their second straight 1-0 win).

The Canucks have 5 games left, while the Oilers are up a point with a game in hand. Taking a look over at HF boards, the "rolling eyes" emoticon seems to be the number one choice for Canucks fans, although the "head hitting a brick wall" emoticon pops up a few times:

"That bum Morrison has to go."
"Thanks a lot, Bert! For ****'s sake..."
"Good to see the "Character" come through (emoticon of eyes rolling)"
"That sucking sound you hear is our season going down the drain."
"I wait all ****ing year for the playoffs and we won't even make them. ****ing hell."
"we still have the WHL (two emoticons of smiley faces with clappy hands)"
"Wonderful effort guys. (emoticon of hands clapping)"


Matt said...

The HFBoards Emoticon Report? How did it take someone all season to think of this!!! My compliments.

mike w said...

And yes, I was thinking the same thing: a Yankees fan?! It's too perfect.