Thursday, April 27, 2006

Does God HATE our city? Discuss.


Well, at least we got to go to bed early.

Fortunes change and of all games in this series, this is the one I wouldn't have put my money on. Of course, somewhere after Detroit's winning goal on their millionth powerplay, the CBC's Mark Lee had to chime in with "remember, the last time the Oilers were in a playoff series, they also had a 2-1 lead and couldn't win again."

Ah but, the last Dallas series was a long time ago, almost pleistocene-like in a pre-Pronger Age. Back then we had a half human/half floppy proto-goalie named Tommy Salo, with Todd Marchant as our second highest-scoring forward, Brewer and Niinima as our best defencemen, and a guy named Scott Ferguson playing 78 regular season games. Nope, I don't think this team will crawl into a dumpster and die.

But yes, many concerns. With the Rexall crowd chanting "Bullshit! Bullshit!" and throwing things on the ice, I guess penalties come to mind. The thing that had fans howling, of course, was Lidstrom's game winning PP goal, shortly after he gave Jarret Stoll a bit of a pick at the point. And yes, it was a penalty.

What actually pisses me off, however, was the game-long calls any time a player fell down. And when I say "fell down" I mean feet-in-the-air, flailing attempts to please the refs by members of both teams. The other trick of course, is grabbing a players stick and tucking it under your arm to draw a penalty. I've said it before, but please refs CALL DIVING when a player tumbles at the slightest touch. Throw it in as a coincidental minor if you have to, you Gary Bettman obstruction asslickers.

But don't get me wrong: the Oilers were dreadful in taking dumb penalties, most of them deserved. In the third period, it cost us the game. Matt Greene would have looked great if he were a vintage pre-lockout defenceman, but he couldn't handle the surging Red Wings. Hemsky better be goddamn injured the way he floated around, giving away the puck, taking a lazy, game-killing hooking penalty late in the third. To the Red Wings' credit, the Oilers' powerplay fizzled at the worst time, late in the second with a two man advantage. Forget the low umbrella, the Oilers really needed someone to skate out into the high slot after the big shots from the point. Too many of the same rebounds without an Oiler to scoop 'em up:. coulda, woulda, etc.

For all of this tomfoolery, I still feel pretty good about going back to Detroit (although by "good" I mean the usual screaming fear that comes with the playoffs). True, Detroit seems to outshoot us every period, but the Oilers, with Roloson looking solid, are pretty good at keeping the Wings away from a second rebound shot in the crease. Meanwhile, the Wings continue to uncharacteristically cough up the puck in front of a jittery goalie, and they still look pretty beatable for a President Trophy-winning team. Fun series!

Next Saturday: Game 5 in the afternoon, where my testicles will fully ascend back into my abdomen for three hours.


MacPhisto said...

Jesus, NO, it was not a penalty, Lidström was skating BACKWARDS when Stoll fell. I've never ever seen anyone called for tripping backwards.

While throwing stuff on the ice is an AUTOMATIC penalty for the home team, FYI. Of course biased CBC won't say that.

sacamano said...

Ummmm, as far as I know there is no distinction in the rule book about whether you are skating forwards, backwards, or sideways. All that matters is that you are not stationary, and that you impede the progress of a moving player without the puck.

sacamano said...

Don't like CBC? Get your own government monopoloy money wasting network.

mike w said...

He ran into Stoll, skate on skate, from behind. There's no way it was accidental, therefore, it's a penalty. But whatever.

>While throwing stuff on the ice is an AUTOMATIC penalty for the home team

Nope. It's a discretionary call and especially not a penalty for a few beers on the ice.

From Rule 68: In the event that objects are thrown on the ice during a stoppage in play, including after the scoring of a goal, the Referee shall have announced that any further occurrences will result in a bench minor penalty being assessed to the home Team.

mudcrutch79 said...

Unfuckingbelievable. We've got a Detroit fan in here crying that there should have been ANOTHER penalty on the Oilers?

What a country.

Anonymous said...

I guess lidstrom should have been called for being in the proximity of stoll, right? I've been watching this play for half an hour now on my dvr. Not a penalty unless maybe mick mcgeough is out there, hell TWO mick mcgeoughs fighting to rack up the most penalties.

MacPhisto said...

That's what I'm saying, since he was BACKWARDS, it must have been accidental. He tried to close him out - interfere, if you like that - but in no way he went for his skate. It's mfin Nick Lidström, with all his 70 PIM in his 12 year or so carreer, PLEASE, gimme a break.

Chris said...

Clearly Nick Lindstrum was merely confused and thought he was playing football and delivering a block so according to detriot fans we shouldn't assess him a penalty, after all its not like he'd deliberately do anything wrong because he's on their side.

Anonymous said...

Clearly at the drop of the puck every detroit player was behind the bench, and a team of 6 refs was on the ice playing against edmonton. At 19:59 to go in the first period, all 6 ref players and the other 2 officials on the ice immediately called 5:00 majors on every edmonton player, even the ones on the bench. While edmonton played the entire game down two men (except when the refs needed to call more penalties after scoring), they were assessed ANOTHER penalty each time they touched the puck; 2:00 for trying to play hockey. Every time roloson stopped the puck, edmonton was assessed 2:00 for making a save. The game ended with a score of 548 to 0, with a huge red wings victory.

Garnet said...

Not only a football play but the best one Detroit fans have seen in years.

MacPhisto said...

If you'd like to bitch about officiating, go ahead. I bet the refs were delivering the right calls in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd. :rolleyes:

Django said...

More importantly is Stoll alright? It looked like a sniper picked Jared off from the rafters. Hope he's okay.

WI Wing Nut said...

"...its not like he'd deliberately do anything wrong because he's on their side."

The guy played mammoth minutes this season in 80 regular season games and had 50 penalty minutes for God's sake. That's why the tendancy is to think he didn't do it intentionally. That and he was moving to take a pass and didn't see a player who barely clipped him...and then sprawled across the ice like he's just been kicked in the balls. If you seriously want to jump on the "Lidstrom is a dirty player" band-wagon you are delusional. But good luck with that.

Come on you guys. I know you're frustrated, but I have enough respect for Canada's hockey fans that I know you are sophisticated enough to look at that play honestly and realize that while it definately could have been called in the context of this penalty filled game, that it was not blatent or clear-cut as the CBC announcers suggested.

That said, you've still got a shot in this series. The Wings I have been watching all season finally showed up in the third last night, but the Legace I've been watching still has not.

Pleasure Motors said...

I don't think anyone is arguing that Lidstrom is a dirty player (it's not as if he speared Stoll in the junk after passing the puck off), just that it seemd like there was intent, and a penalty should have been assessed on the play--it's not like every penalty is automatically dirty.

Furthermore, most of the Oiler fans around here have admitted full on that, overall, Edmonton deserved pretty much every penalty we got, and that the refs just generally called a semi-shitty game on both sides.

Say what you will, it's obvious that the Schneider/Lidstrom thing was a set play--a pick and roll, if you will. Thing is, if you knock down someone who doesn't have the puck, it's interference, intentional or not (see also: high-sticking or delay of game for shooting the puck over the glass). Sure, if Stoll sidesteps Lidstrom, it's not a penalty, but I'm not so sure he could have, even if he did go down a little easy. I also don't think Detroit fans, who have a player who admitted to diving in game one, and whose team has drawn at least three hooking penalties by holding Oilers sticks and dropping to the ice, should be so quick to roast a player for trying to draw a penalty on a 5-on-3.

We played a shitty a game, and probably deserved to lose, but it still sucks to have the winning goal scored on a play that should have been called.

Pleasure Motors said...

Also, WTF is with all the Wings fans with no Oiler counter arguments? Isn't this Covered in Oil, not Covered in Dirty 44-Year-Olds and Swedish All-Stars?

WI Wing Nut said...

"Thing is, if you knock down someone who doesn't have the puck, it's interference, intentional or not"

Granted. What if someone who doesn't have the puck runs into you, because they stick their foot out, and then falls down (embellished or not)??

We do all (or mostly all) agree the officiating was lousy. This is a direct result of that terrible Bettman "edict" at the beginning of the playoffs. The new enforcement and rules were working fine and starting to "gel", but Bettman's threats screwed up everything as some refs will just err on the side of a borderline or non-existent call to keep from losing their playoff jobs. Nobody is threatening to send them home if they call TO MANY penalties, so why not??

Loved this point from the "Battle of Alberta" blog. Stated it PERFECTLY:

"1) How many fans didn't enjoy NHL playoffs in the past?
2)How many fans (of both teams) didn't enjoy the game last night?
If the answer to #2 is greater than the answer to #1, we have a problem"


Scott Hennig said...

The Stoll interference should have been a penalty and no goal, but the Oilers second goal appeared to be off-side, so I'd say it's a wash.

It's still no excuse to let Zetterburg and Datsyuk walk around us for the 4th goal.

I'll agree that was the most inconsistent reffing I've seen all season, both ways.

Holmstrom's holding the stick penalty should have been hooking by Spacek if anything, and Staio's cross-check penalty was a complete joke.

The only thing more disappointing than the refereeing was the oilers 5-3 powerplay. You can't stand around playing pass the puck with Pronger and expect the Wings to magically vacate the slot.

Actually, the only thing more disappointing than the Oilers powerplay was the classless fans who threw drinks at the Red Wings and the refs as they left the ice. It was embarrassing. Hopefully it didn't get picked up on TV or the oiler players might be getting the same treatment tomorrow in Detroit.

You know it's bad when Pronger won't even come out when he's picked as 2nd star. I mean, the guy used to come back out in Edmonton when he played for the Blues even though he knew he'd get booed.

Chris! said...

"Isn't this Covered in Oil, not Covered in Dirty 44-Year-Olds and Swedish All-Stars?"

Actually, that was me and Mike's first choice for a blog name, but it was taken so we went with Covered in Oil and turned it into a hockey blog instead.

And just let the Wings fans holler and shout and stomp their little booties. They're horribly misguided if they came here expecting Oiler fans to all be talking about what a great game Detroit played last night, so god knows why they're acting so surprised. If they wanted congratulatory backpatting, they should have stayed tucked within the warm confines of and its legions of semiliterate 13-year-olds who think Osgood should have played last night and grown men with "I Heart Kris Draper 4 Evah" .gif tags.

I just don't know how riddled with atrophy would your mind have to be to not accept that Lidstrom, with all his years of experience, knew there was an Oiler behind him and casually skated into him? It's a pick play. The whole point is to make it look accidental.

Anyhow, the Oilers had bigger problems than that last night. But we'll recover. Detroit's defense has look infinitely beatable all series, and it'll be their undoing if the Oilers can stay the hell out of the box.

Anonymous said...

hey Wings fans,
that WAS a penalty no matter how borderline it was. The refs were calling EVERYTHING before that yet they somehow missed that one? Just because it was Norris Nik Lidstrom they let it pass.(kinda like that penalty in game 2 on Peca they missed..)
Did Stoll dive? sure, but so were a lot of other player during the game....they should've called both Lidstrom and Stoll AT WORST on the play...

Reffing was horrible on both sides last night...we just want consistancy

mike w said...

Crazy anonymous guy strikes again!

mudcrutch79 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Django said...

Bah, I'm working on my "I Heart Mike Greene".gif as we speak.

And RWC is the only Wing's board worth a damn, they're still looking to trade Datsyuk after last night and someone keeps suggesting they switch Cross in for Chelios.

django said...

Crap, matt greene. Now I've got to start over.

Dennis said...

in a game where nothing's called maybe Lidstrom gets away with that...maybe.

In a game where everything's called than that's a penalty.

ROb! said...

refs will ignore calls when a player [like Stoll] overreacts.

i remember in the CAR-MTL series Doug Weight was moaning and flailing his arms for a very obvious penalty [which was called] but received a questionable trip to the box later in the match- and he deserves it because he is a moany wanker!

and he moaned once more, but realized thats where it all began, so he shut his vagina!

mike w said...

he shut his vagina? :|

jon said...


The only thing that slightly eases the pain is the hilarity of this post's accompanying picture.