Monday, April 3, 2006

A fan's sacrifice

Edmonton 7
Phoenix 1

That's right, I'm gonna miss every game for the rest of the year since that's the only time
they win games. Sadly, my VCR is on its last legs and early-ish games out here in the Eastern zone are kind of hard for me to see. What I'd miss? Basically a second period I've been waiting to see all year. First off, Marc Antoine Pouliot's first NHL goal, and an all-round good game to boot. One of my favourite Oilers, Radek "stiff mittens" Dvorak finally saw his hard work pay off in burying the couple of the many chances he usually misses. That and Oilers like Peca and Moreau snapped goal droughts and got some goals (the smile on Peca's face after he scored is probably the first authentic one all season). I did come back in time to see Roloson looking confident in net, skating out in his crease and snaring pucks with a little glovehand zip. And a 97% SVP? Yes, that's it, old chap! So happily, the identity crisis can continue. The Oilers, after a emasculating Calgary loss, hold a players-only meeting and come out and give a great heaving kick to Phoenix's collective can. We're still in this, of course, I think...maybe?

Equally compelling for those like me with NHL Centre Ice is cheering in vain for Colorado and San Jose to lose in regulation. Marty Turco single-handedly gave Dallas a chance to win it in a shootout, but that giant retard Joe Thornton scored in OT. Then I see the Bhulin Wall let in the worst goal of the year with 12 seconds left, giving Colorado the two points (the unintended consequence of OTL points is cheering for loser teams to not play like they've played all year). San Jose and Colorado's two games in hand are starting to become the real killer. If you'd like to simplify your hate, Vancouver is the one to cheer against tonight and for the rest of the season.

And, yes: Comrie...BOOoooO!!!!!


Vic Ferrari said...

the smile on Peca's face after he scored is probably the first authentic one all season

Ya, so true, I thought the same thing as it happened. And his line had an absolutely terrific night I thought, nice to see all three rewarded with goals.

Also: These PPV broadcasts are always Oilers infomercials, but it was kind of interesting to hear Buchberger's comments on a few players as well, knowing that he's tight with Lowe and the coaching staff. Flattering words for pending UFAs Samsonov, Dvorak and Tarnstrom ... or so I thought.

the Prez said...

I had the pleasure of going to that game. At every whistle we were looking at the out of town scoreboard with its unfortunate generosity of points.

I also participated in one of the longest-running waves I've ever seen.

mike w said...

Yes Prez, but no Ulanov though. Unless, perhaps, you saw him shaking out the last few kernels of complimentary popcorn that they give out in the press box.

Heather said...

We sat so high up (row 49) we couldn't even see the out of town scoreboard and that wave *was* really something wasn't it?
And Ulanov only drank free soda on the catwalk, no popcorn...seriously, aren't we better off without him?

Pheonix came off a 3 game winning streak to get bitchslapped in a building many of the people on the team (or running it) may find a tad daunting. The Cujo taunting, the "Comrie Sucks" chants, and the booing were priceless, yes, and I think one of the main reasons they were off their game tonight. The bench took two penalties...they made silly mistakes and their nerves betrayed them.

It was awesome. (except when the Oil only played half of the 1st period..that was a bit sketchy.)

As for your "fan sacrifice" I think you should be commended, Sir. If I come home and turn on a hockey game and start watching and the other team scores a goal or two I tend to think perhaps it's my fault and shut off the TV in the hopes that they will play better just because I am no longer watching and clearly cursing them from my livingroom. Irrational? Yup.

I have been to 12 home season games this season and they have won 11 times...and I don't think I have to point out the miserable home record we have so I think Pat Laforge should give me, their lucky charm apparently, free season tickets.

Anonymous said...

Do it, Mike... do it. Weave your thread into the magic net that is sports mojo. Cover the fanboards for the remaining games.

If it doesn't work? It's an even better story!

"Buddy, I ever tell you about the year I went so crazy with superstition I missed out on the Oilers' ritual run at eighth?"

Mike L (some other guy named mike) said...

1) Comrie Booooo indeed. I'm glad we slapped around the whiners team.
2) Wait, Dvorak scored? WHHAAAA? Without our first line, we would be in last place in the west right now. Well, maybe higher than St.Louis but still.
3) Considering that Peca was supposed to be all high and mighty, he is doing jack. I understand that one bad season doesn't make him a bad player, but we need some decent production coming from sources other than Smyth, Hemsky, Horcoff and Pronger. I want some playoff goals from you Peca.
4) Yes, the Oilers are going to make the playoffs
5) Too bad we are most likely going to end up against Dallas.

the Prez said...

They have free popcorn in the press box? I'm jealous.

Better off without Ulanov? After I realized that it wasn't me in some drunken state who had made that comment (for I always add my last name initial), I calmed down. Without Ulanov, the Oilers are missing the essential 220 pounds of Krasnokamsk muscle. Good game nonetheless.

I would also like to point out that while Ulanov sits at -12, Tarnstrom sits at a hefty -16 and is only 5 points ahead of Mr. Ulanov.

Steve said...

In fairness, Madam President, Dick spent most of the season in Pittsburgh. Igor has no such excuse.

the Prez said...

Oh, boohoo. -16.