Thursday, April 27, 2006

For your consideration, a little nervous hand-wringing

As a friend of mine observed during the cab ride home last night, "If the Oilers win tomorrow night, they're a far stronger team than I thought."

Well, that's just about it right there. Not much time for a post today, but I think we all know that tonight's game is going to be one of the hardest the Oilers have had to play all year; one has to wonder if they have the guts it'll take to all but seal the deal against the NHL's Number One Team. And if they win tonight, they face an even bigger test. Does this Oiler team have what it takes to actually put a team to bed in less than seven games? It's a serious question — this series has been as fairly matched as any other in the playoff this year, and I doubt anyone could have expected it. But it's been eight years since we won a playoff series, and for some fans (and most Oilers), this is uncharted territory. If last game had your heart palpitating, you might rent a defibrillator for the evening. I think they have them at Home Hardware.

Last game I said I fully expect the Red Wings to split this homestand, and that's certainly a strong possiblity tonight. But the way the Oilers have been playing, it could go either way. So fuck it: Oilers win 5-2.

Also, BEARDWATCH. Yesterday while walking to work, I actually felt the wind move my facial hair ever so slightly. It's certainly no French Fork, but, gentlemen, I think I may have arrived.


Dan-O-Mite said...

Well, if I have six eggs, I'll probably have six chickens in a few days.

Matt said...

Another week and you'll be combing that puppy!

sacamano said...

You might even need the Captain Lou Albanon elastic to tame the chin music.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, that's not looking too bad, although I stick with my question. Why, are you trying to cultivate something that's growing wild around your A>>>> HAHA