Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, more hard time at the (surprisingly girl-heavy) Friendasium tonight, but I guess I didn't expect it to end any other way — this game was all Detroit, all night. Sure, we looked good on the PP earlier on, but beyond that, we got outplayed pretty hard, and it was only thanks to the heroics of one Dwayne Roloson that we were in the game at all.

Seriously, what a performance from Roloson tonight. So solid, so calm, even after having his head sat on. That's rare, people. you can't teach... having you head... sat on. And playing well. Right? Right. Also, gotta love his little Hextall moment early on to set the tone, with the one-two slash-crosscheck. Sure we got a penalty, but dammit, it was emotional. And emotional victories are almost as good as real ones.

Except when they're not. Like tonight. Fuck.

Anyhow, here are a few thoughts on the evening, courtesy of Christie, Alana, Leah and Heather (pictured above, left to right):

A) Fuck fuck fuck!
B) Everybody wants their graphics money back for the shit wad they bothered screening during the game. Where the hell is the powerplay clock?
C) Show of hands: Who would rather be watching Coronation St? Come on ... Grandma? Are you with me?
D) Wearing Oilers tattoos does NOT help the team. Note to self: order opposing team tattoo stickers.
E) Ahem: Is Calgary the new Toronto? What the hell were they cutting to in OVERTIME, a moment even I, a Corrie lover, found potentially titalating? (Nobody besides Christie will admit to loving Coronation St. — eds.)
F) Alana thinks Calgary should be loved-up Brokeback style, not that there's anything with that.
G) Did we mention, fuck? And fuck fuck?


mike w said...

Pain is bad.

Meanwhile at work, I actually came down sick but it was too busy to leave in good conscience. Then I get home in time to watch the Oilers get outskated in overtime. Man did we look tired.

Roli looked great.

Garnet said...

The whole game looked damned slow, Mike, but thank your lucky stars you missed some strikingly incompetent CBC coverage. They actually ducked out of a couple of minutes of overtime to show us the opening minutes of Calgary-Anaheim, and there was no power-play clock on display during the entire game. Stephen Harper, privatize this corporation NOW.

Randy said...

Sorry, had to watch the Moose Jaw Warriors stick a knitting needle in hearts of Tigers fans everywhere. Wha happened?... OH. Perhaps having one or two hall-of-famers around is a good idea. Oh, it was Maltby. Ouch.

Mike said...

The lack of a PP clock was bush league. I bet you even the damned OLN puts a PP clock. That plus the shift to the Calgary game. That from what I can tell was totaly accidental in that it wasn't even aknowledged at all. All in all a horrible performance on CBC's part. I feel confident that the poor coverage is to blame for our loss and provided CBC gets their act together the Oil will bounce back

Coluch said...

Some obvious typos in this post, but I digress. You're emotionally vulnerable.

Roli was/is exactly who I expected to show up for the playoffs. The rest of the team looked tired, and that's worrysome!


Coluch said...

Seriously, almost 60 saves!

Legace has no confidence, we just need shots.

gsdgsd13 said...

How many times during the OT periods did Roloson go down and look like he was never getting back up? I had the volume off at work, but every five minutes or so you'd see the trainers squatting around a deceased-looking Roloson, with Markkanen looking on nervously from the bench. Whatever they're doing to him out there, it just ain't right.

sacamano said...

Oh I'm a corrie lover. But I'd wish they'd wrap up the abused Shelley story line. It is getting way old.

iwocpo said...

Legace looked pretty confident stoning Torres twice with :20 left in regulation. He may have a few problems, a big frigging mouth being one of them, but he doesn't lack confidence.

And Chris, had the Wings lost, that would have been my headline too.

Paul O-the O stands for Sports said...

The CBC problem:

They had problems with the clock all night, not just the powerplay clock, but the entire thing, including havign it not on screen and having it green and orange at one point. I figure some drunken detroit fans were humping the van or somehting.

As for the switch to the Calgary game, it coincided pretty closely to the end of the Ottawa game, so I'm assuming they went to flip the easterners and accidentally flipped the entire country. Then when their switchboard started lighting up they realized how they had fucked up and let us watch the rest of the game. Also, Go Phoenix Go! I heard Gretzky shot a 76 yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Edmonton scene report... this hockey event was more-or-less the Grandish re-Opening of the new Sidetrack (it's OK)... the first Oiler playoff game in three years followed by a free Hanson Brothers show. A real who's who. Everyone was screaming Roli's name... if there were doubts, they are gone; Roloson's officially a hero. A tragic hero: great goaltending steals games for underdogs, but the frustratingly slow Oil -- an agonizingly eternal split-second behind the Wings the whole game -- just looked at him with hurt and disappointed eyes and said "You give that right back; stealing is wrong."

Anyway, the scene. Here's a measure of how hopes were dashed, souls deflated: maybe 40 per cent of the people who watched the game stayed around to watch The Hansons/NoMeansNo for free. There was no heart for hockeyrock. Everyone just kind of looked at each other and said "what now?"