Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Little Bit of an Update

Tonight I ran into a three-headed dragon called Creemore, pints thereof. But fellow Albertans, it's no Grasshopper, which in Toronto is considered a rare "summer beer" that's found virtually nowhere. But if you came here looking for content, I'll piggyback on Lowetide and his interesting post on prospects appraisal, second post in. All I can say is, how'd we pick a sure-fire like Hemsky in the first place? I tip the brim of my puckhat to Lowetide for the good blog read, a true-midnight blue Oilers fan.

Tomorrow's bore-fest against Minnesota will be a real test for our Oilers, a transition-offence team uncomfortable with scoring chances based on pure skill, which means players like Jason Smith and Steve Staios will have to play smart if we're gonna win. No turnovers, muchachos! And hey, is anyone else squeeling with glee at the prospect of a Vancouver-less playoffs?