Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oilers redeem a season's worth of blogging


Lucky Dave went to the game tonight, so I'll let him take care of the game review. For once, not going out and watching hockey at home actually pays off: Hemsky and the Oil finally conquered a hot goalie and Vancouver dropped a third period lead, losing thanks to a bad Keith Carney giveaway with ten minutes left.

While they played pretty well, I fully expect the Oilers to get demolished in the first round against Detroit. And yet: good for them. Despite all of the overblown expectations dating back to that embarassing Mike Peca Kingsway ovation in July, this team went into the season with a lot of question marks about our first line, our backend D and especially, goaltending. Lowe has a lot of critics, but he gets full marks for trades that range from pretty sensible (Roloson, Samsonov, Tarnstrom) to something EA Sports-esque in its easiness (Spacek; although
Salmelainen may come back and do some damage if he plays for the Hawks next year). They haven't played well, of course, but at least now Oilers fans won't have to suffer the indignity of picking over the greatest, most mysterious late-season implosion in team history.

Also, my brother has sent me my backup puckhat in the mail. Time to BRING IT!


Garnet said...

I take it you're going to Detroit?

Garnet said...

Oh wait, we could still end up playing Dallas. That'd be exciting. I am NOT making that drive.

mike w said...

Bah. Let's just pretend it's Detroit. Dallas?! What is this? 1997 hanging out at the Black Dog? Enough with Mike Modano and his ever gaping craw, killing the Oilers as if on cue.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but do you remember 1997 at the Black Dog? The only bar on whyte that would not turn it's TV to the game, steadfast in their disdain for proletarian interests, the staff there kept the TV tuned to some tape of swirly cartoon patterns.

As I stood and sipped my pint of trad, and wondered if Billy the Butcher, Dougie and Cujo could pull it off, I realized that, yes, the staff at the Black Dog were better than me, and they had won the battle of who could care less.

Then I left and sprinted down the street to Fargo's to cheer at the screen with the other slack jawed rubes.


Randy said...

Well, good on the lads. Though my pre-season prediction on a new head coah and GM by Christmas 2006 still stands, they didn't implode too badly or need some patentedly absurd 17-0-4 strecth to fall just short of a playoff berth. I'm sure it's wine and roses on the Northside tonight, or more accurately muffler shop coffee and dandelions, but I'll wait until the five and out playoff run to pass judgement on the team that screamed for a new economic reality, then couldn't really do much with it.

Colby Cosh said...

The REAL new economic reality is that Fargos [sic] on Whyte has packed up shop and moved way the hell out to Capilano. Under the old cover it was a reliably low-key, roomy place to actually see a game (or play NTN) from extremely comfy, alcoholic-friendly chairs. Now its trade name has been changed to something like Hudson's Skanktastic Drinkatorium and Lawyerama, and it's correspondingly full of tiny tables, Spartan seating accommodations, shitty microbrews, disdainful waitresses that Earl's didn't want, and loud music. Also, the old tritpych-style screen has been replaced by the crappy projection TV with the poorly-snychronized colour beams that your sleazy Lebanese uncle owned in 1979. L'chaim!

Of course, anybody who guzzled Guinness in the Black Dog back in the '90s is habituated to drinker's hell already, but I won't go near Whyte Avenue now. In 2006 downtown (yes!) is the new Old Strathcona.

I think the Celebrating Oilers Blogger should actually have been masturbating in the picture. Where's the artistic integrity, man?

mudcrutch79 said...

I object to your use of the term Lawyerama. Some of us-I know at least one other in addition to myself-are full of nothing but contempt for that shit.

Unless it's a taste you acquire at some point between graduation and getting called. In which case, I invite one of you to put a bullet in my head.

It's gonna be Dallas, by the way. Has to be.

sacamano said...

Garneau Pub, fellas. Garneau Pub. Sure the tv's are tiny, and the beer lines haven't been cleaned since 1974 guaranteeing a brutal headache after just sniffing your pint, but the three Greek Brothers make it all worthwhile.

mike w said...

>Ah, but do you remember 1997 at the Black Dog? The only bar on whyte that would not turn its TV

Somewhere along the way in the late 90s, people got their cool on for hockey again. I have good memories of watching the Dallas series at Underdog sipping Grasshopper, my favourite tipple. Sometime around 2002, I saw Modano eliminate us in the Hollywood Room of Fantasyland Hotel, and I was too depressed to really enjoy the wave pool later.

That said, I've moved on with my life. To see Dallas again would bring me back to the early 2000s, working in a video store, spending hundreds of dollars on Golden Tee and worrying about my hairline. Plus all of that losing. Bring on Detroit!

Brushback said...

Great drawing. Cracked me up.

Colby Cosh said...

Technically the Garneau Pub counts as a North Side exclave on the south side of the river. I regard it as the far southern geopolitical limit of "downtown." If you want to fight me on this we'll have to take it to the Hague for arbitration.