Sunday, April 23, 2006

Okay, FOR SERIOUS this time.

Alright, one evening of drinking, hockey and an embarrassingly hot-tears-and-typos-strewn post on a somewhat anticipated Edmonton loss later, the Oilers are now required to "bring it" for realsies this afternoon if they want to stay in this series. (Fun fact: the Oil has never won a playoff series after dropping the first two games. Actually, that's not that fun a fact at all. Shit!)

Much has been made in the Edmonton media — and particularly in the Sun, courtesy of (as usual) resident ranch dressing proponent Terry Jones — about the Oilers' shocking use of THE TRAP in Friday's match and how this was a SHOCKING THING that required explanation and atonement on behalf of MacT. While this sort of cautionary tongue-clucking about defensive hockey may play with Rick Rick and Big Fucky Joe down at the 75th Street Jiffy Lube who still think the Oilers are capable of blowing the play wide open with fast skating and high scores against the NHL's Best Team At Everything without getting our asses kicked, it is, of course, mentally retarded.

Detroit is a fast, dangerous, puck-possession team that generates speed through the neutral zone, and one of the few positives that came out of last game was the way we contained their top two lines while drawing a few penalties to let our PP go to work. This has to continue. I don't care if we choke the life out of the zone and line five guys up against the blue line trying to force the turnover all night — fuck entertainment. I want wins. And we're not going to get them by playing wide-open "Oilers hockey" (which, sadly and ironically, Wings actually play better than the Oilers).

Unfortunately, I'll have to watch this one on the TVs at work, which will quell somewhat my freedom to cheer — but I still fully expect plenty of opportunities for me to jump a little in my chair and hiss a furtive "YES" through clenched teeth, thereby freaking out and/or annoying to no end the co-workers in my immediate vicinity. Sorry, Christie and Celine. It's just what I have to do when the Oilers beat the Wings 4-2.

You read right. Hey, I called it last time. Sadly.

And finally, here's today's Beardwatch. It's been six days since the Oilers entered the post-season; note I seem to have moved into a strangely illusory intermediate phase in which I technically have hair all over my face, but you would never pass me on the street and think "that guy has a beard."

Ah well. At least the girls love it.

Wait. Girls love beards, right?


mike w said...

Okay, refs call a penalty against Chelios anytime now.


mike w said...


(That's right. I'm just gonna yell out goal scorers now)

I like the D pinch on both plays. Probably the only way we'll score goals.

sacamano said...

Girls love beards; they just don't know they love beards until they actually see one on a handsome man like yourself.

Sadly, I don't so much grow a beard as a Bering fur bridge between my body hair (front and back) and my head hair.

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

Chris! said...

Nice crossbar, Peca, you USELESS PRICK.

Just kidding. Unlucky. And go Winchester! Where the hell was Legace on that one?

Ken Bauer said...



sacamano said...

Well done Chris! You called it again.

Arcanas said...

Geez, I'm going to be putting bets on your score on Tuesday ;P

Superdude said...

beardwork is long and dreary, Christoph. Be diligent, and remember: the itchy stage is still before you. Be brave.

Superdude said...

Also, hockey.