Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Orbs of Power, indeed: Oilers take series lead!

Edmonton 4 (2OT)
Detroit 3

Egad. I can't take this, with rivers of testosterone flowing through my blood stream for five hours, hair falling out in clumps, and a wine glass rolling in a semi-circle on the floor.

With much regret, I was about to PhotoShop the ol' goat ears on Dwayne Roloson after it looked like Jason Williams had scored the sudden death winner from an impossible angle (they say art is therapeutic when dealing with trauma). Then, seeing Williams celebrate with some bewilderment, with a lip-read "I'm not sure how it went in," coupled with Roloson looking more confused than utterly crushed, the video review offered some hope. Seeing the puck nowhere near the red line has to be one the great moments of the season, single-handedly offering the Oilers a chance to change the storyline of the series, and more importantly, as MacT put it, forcing Manny Legace to "skate 100 feet back to his net" after dancing "a jig" on the redline.

The Oilers, at times badly outskated, finally lucked out with a broken play in front of Manny Legace, courtesy of a Samsonov wrap around attempt. Legace, looking as casual as a gardener tossing aside crabgrass, flipped the puck away on to Stoll's stick for the second overtime winner.

Some notes before hitting the hay:

- Detroit's player are no slouches, and once you take away Yzerman and Chelios the supposed age difference hasn't been much of a factor in the series. The Wings rolled out four lines like clockworkwhile the Oil's fourth line barely saw a handful of minutes in the last three periods. Torres and Staios looked gassed.

- Detroit kicked our asses on the big draws again, and unlike many other teams they know how to block shots. Notably, Yzerman left in the middle of third, holding his right hip. And damn, that Kronwall is a good defenceman (except on the last play of the game)!

- Playing with the lead wasn't so much a problem as dumb penalties. And memo to the NHL: I think fans would be more supportive of non-stop penalties if refs simply called more coincidental minors for diving, simple as that.

- Remember when Stoll and Horcoff were fourth line fringe players that nobody liked? Horcoff looked way more dangerous than Samsonov or Hemsky (plus 3) while Stoll had some of the best chances in the game.

- Chris Pronger? Give this man a raise. It's still early, but Pronger
(2 G, 2 A, plus 3) is walking away with the real matchup of the series against Lidstrom (0 G, 1 A, minus 4).

- With Conkkanen but a distant memory, Roloson looks great, especially for a first round pick we would have muffed anyway

- Nice to see Rexall playoff hockey after 3 long years, with Oilers fans' chants of "Roli! Roli," "Mannnny" along with the consistent booing of Chris "dive artiste" Chelios everytime he touched the puck. Two steaks, two wins.

I'm too tired and dazed to finish. Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen!!!


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Scoring on the PP more then once would have helped too.

I'm tired and I'm happy.

Eau de Chacin said...

Pronger = Oilers Robocop. If we have to fuse his broken body to a metal exoskeleton in order to play him for 60 minutes a game, I think it's worth it.

Seemed like the only thing the Oilers PP did was give them a 14 minute reprieve from the Wings rushing the net. I guess there's some value there, but still...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Roloson has been good. Speaking of which, I was watching on the CBC rebroadcast over OLN (in the US) and was treated to some errors in their onscreen graphics...

1. I almost had a heart-attack when it showed the starting goalie and said it was Markkanen. It had his picture, stats and name on the screen as the oilers starter. I was happy to see that Roloson was actually there though...

2. They had an onscreen graphic refering to Alex Hemsky getting a penalty. Yes Alex, not Ales.

Dennis said...

One of Pronger's wrists are heavily taped so that might explain why his faceoff % has dropped a little though I'm looking at the game stats and he finished 13/23.

The OIlers lost 11 more faceoffs than they won but they were -7 after the first period so it didn't wind up being too bad.

Rem Murray was 0/8 if anybody's wondering.

Paul O-the O stands for Sports said...

Dennis, the bigger problem if that were the case, is that the Oilers apparently have Pronger taking 23 faceoffs/game.

Chris said...

No..there is nothing Chris Pronger cannot do for this team. If the Orbs of power want to take a draw, they take the damn draw. Heck, pronger could even play goal if he wanted too.