Friday, April 7, 2006

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Edmonton 4 (OT)
Chicago 3

The scene: Colin Campbell, Kris King, Michael Murphy are gathered around TV monitors in the evil heart of Toronto.

"Even though the puck is clearly in, the glove obscures at least 20 per cent of the puck."

"Can we make this call? "

"What about contingencies, like perhaps this is some sort of shapeshifter puck? With the glove in the way, we'll never know."

"Wait a Minute. The Oilers, aren't they the team we totally screwed over last night on the video replay?"

"Yeah, but they haven't exactly been playing like a good playoff hockey team, have they? No goal."

[End scene with a shot of a helpless MacT, jaw agape. Ty Conklin stares absently at the player entrance, thinking of perhaps eating a hot dog at the end of the game]

Well, my digicam shot isn't exactly the best, but that was beyond obviously a goal. Splitting the difference would be last night's admitted video review cock-up, and yes, the fact that the puck is clearly visible beyond the line in multiple frames of the tape (albeit twirling on its side). The wrong call was made. The puck, any crazy person at a bus stop will tell you, is 3 inches in width. The goaline being merely two inches wide, it is rather easy to (a) figure out exactly where the puck is and (b) whether it's in the net. Duh.

Thank god for in-front-of-the-net specialist Ryan Smyth and his 36 goals, otherwise we'd be once again picking at the pieces of another woeful loss. Roloson looks tired or bad, although he still plays more consistent overall than Conkkanen. While pouring 39 shots on Khabibulin, meanwhile, the rest of the Oilers still looked frightening nothing like the San Jose and Anaheims I've seen in the past few weeks. Way too many bad passes and giveaways, and it has to be said: the Oilers forwards could save themselves a lot of trouble by backchecking in the neutral zone, especially when the guy 3 or feet ahead of them has to make a play at the blueline (Hemsky just gave up on the late tie goal). They look hard-workin' playing the zone against the deep cycle, but its annoying how easy teams like the Hawks can get deep in the first place.

Then again: phew!

PS: Calgary, do what the Oilers can't and finish off Vancouver for (almost) good Saturday.

GAME RATING 6.5 Steve Passmores out of 10 Steve Smiths

Reason #6875 that the Leafs should never win the Cup (from today's Journal):

The Toronto Maple Leafs might be 10th in the Eastern Conference standings, but the NHL club has produced 2006 home-game playoff tickets.

"You never concede anything," said Tom Anselmi, executive vice-president of business for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., which owns the NHL club. "Hopefully, with some luck we get in."


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