Thursday, April 6, 2006

We're not playing Minnesota again, right?

Brian Rolston 2 (SO)
The Oilers 1

Live by the shootout, die by the shootout. And yeah, we was robbed on the video replay [Insert us vs. Easterner League officials conspiracy theory here], but whatever. I've learned in the last two or three seasons never to take Minnesota lightly, so I'll take the point. The Oilers possess no trap-busting top line talent (Hemsky is close, as his numerous chances tonight can attest to), so it's always going to be an uphill battle against those crazy Wild.

And are Minnesota really a trap team in the way we think of it? Sure they often line up five guys on the blue line like pawns, but their biggest strength seems to be sound positional play in which the forwards are expected to be 3nd, 4th and 5th defenceman. A little floating box of five men in their own zone. IF you ever wondered why Bertuzzi is, like, minus a million, just look at the gap between him and his defence when the puck is in Vancouver's zone. No help = further proof the guy's an ass.

Anyway, I'm simply assuming San Jose is in, likely in 7th. With the OTL point Vancouver still trails us by two points, so I guess its okay. We really need to drop the hammer on Chicago tomorrow and Calgary has to do the honorable thing and humiliate the Canucks on Saturday in front of a national audience.

When you look at our record as if we were in the old system of ties, the Oil are barely over .500, which is kind of disappointing considering the off-season moves. Make the playoffs however, and I'll forget all about it and bake everyone cupcakes.

Can't say I saw the entire game tonight, so I'll have to forego the game rating. Sorry. I had an "Office Space" moment today in which my boss asked me to work Saturday and, oh yeah, go ahead and come in on Sunday, too. My mood is foul.

BRING ON THE HAWKS! (and yes, it's worth the download, you bums)


swabbubba said...

Conspiracy.. collusion...Calgary... all start with C.

Jeebus the Oilers cannot buy a break. I want to see the worm Colie Campbell explain this screw up... oh yeah that was Edmonton they can't read so... why bother. I wonder if there is an eye exam required for officials?

James Mirtle said...

The thing with San Jose is that they've got back-to-back games on Wednesday and Thursday with Vancouver, so if the Canucks can win both of those, it'll get interesting. If both games go to overtime, it'll get even more interesting, and Oilers fans will be having unfun.

jon said...

As an Oilers fan, even I would find that situation of dual overtimes to be slightly hilarious. It could almost be seen as a sign of divine mockery, a result of the carefree manner in which the Oilers have proliferated loser points this season.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the refereeing?
Are we having another toe in the crease year?
I have to be honest I didn't watch the game, but the site even said that Peca's goal was in and the ref made a game decider with the wrong decision. The ref's have been Oil killers this year again.

Sean said...

Here's a solution to this f-up. Don't give Edmonton a point, but give them the tiebreaker if it comes down to it.

Ernie Whitt said...

The breaks go both ways guys. It's disappointing but we've picked up some points we ought not to have this year-the Phaneuf/Hamrlik fuck up on Horcoff's goal comes to mind. It's unbelievably frustrating but there you have it.

sacamano said...

Meh. I'm not too busted up about the flub. It happens. It sucks, but it happens.

Minnie is just a bad team for the Oil. I'd honestly rather play Detroit in the first round than Minnie.

mikeL said...

The fact is Edmonton plays Chicago and then St. Louis. We should be fine for the next week.

Colby Cosh said...

You're comparing some Chinese fire drill by Farnsworth and Hammerhead to the puck going in the net and the goal not being counted after a video review? There are "breaks" and then there are "breaks."

Ernie Whitt said...

Ah, I can't get worked up about this. The Oilers got a big break on the Smyth "goal" in Vancouver-as I understand the letter of the rule, that wasn't a goal. It didn't work out but what can you do?

Did the NHL fuck up? Of course. Is the NHL a shit show of gagantuan proportions? Of course. Are you new to following this league? You have to expect things like this-it's the NHL way.

Dennis said...

I'll have to see Van beat Cgy tomorrow night before I get too worried about the HAH with Van/SJ. And if the Oilers win their next two games, and gawd help us all if they can't manage than, that alone means the Canucks would have to win three of five games against Cgy, SJ, SJ, Ana and Col. And they haven't been playing nearly well enough to expect them to win any more than two of those.

Of course the wildcard could be if Cgy beats the Wild tonight then I'd expect Sutter to throw in Boucher tomorrow night and that's guarenteed win night for the Canucks.

Or at least a point;)

Note: I'm just looking at Van right now because I think SJ's about to run away from us. They've been hot for so bloody long and they're even winning on the road now. Doesn't look like that's gonna change either. If they had a defense you would not want to play them in the playoffs. Young Bernier looks like a mini Bertuzzi with the way he shields the puck and the power he shows down low.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Van's the team they'll have to beat I think - SJ hosts Dallas on Sunday and the Stars have looked pretty disinterested lately plus Modano's hurt, they're in Phoenix - definitely no guarantee but still ... then two against the Canucks, hosting Anaheim who may or may not be playing for fourth so maybe a toughie and then hosting LA who showed what they're made of last night - so I think SJ probably is good for 6 without even looking at the Canucks' games.

I think the Canucks are done myself - but as you said Dennis if the Oil win the next two they're in pretty good shape - man it would be nice if after Monday night we were up six points and the Canucks had only 3 left to play - could happen.

I think Kipper starts tomorrow night - Flames have the Ducks twice, and the Avs as well next week - start Kipper, kick the Canucks when they're down and get that division wrapped up with a week to go.

namflashback said...

I think Suytter enjoys kicking Vancouver. He'll play Kipper on HNIC.

At this point, rather than hoping to place higher in the standings, let's just hope Vancouver loses 3 of 5. Oiler's win 1 of 5 one OTL does it.

Surely they can do that.

THat would make it:
Round 1 --
EDM vs DET -- I like that match up
SJS or COL versus DAL -- heh
SJS or COL versus CAL -- heh
NSH vs ANA -- bye bye NSH

Round 2 --