Sunday, April 23, 2006


Detroit can fucking EAT IT!

Good win. If only I could be in Edmonton for the Game 2 Victory Parade.

Didn't see much of the game — only what I could catch while trying to do my job at the same time — but it looked like a pretty complete effort out there, a few posts on both ends aside. I'll leave it to my cohorts to produce a more thorough and engaging recap, though. Back to work!


mike w said...

Gretzky's back!?? Oh.

And yes, indeed, from Grosse Point to Macomb County, Detroit can feel free to lick my scrotum.

I suppose I should write what we call around here "a recap."

jon said...

Oilers win one game. Pictures of the cup go up.

I like it.

naflashback said...

That was good. 1st game, Roloson almost steals it.

2nd game, Oiler's are opportunistic when one bad one and one lucky one get by Roloson.

So, Wings almost lose the easy one. Actually lose the close one.

I remember musing at some point during this up and down season that it was unfortunate that the Oilers didn't have a way to "switch systems" during a game. I think we are now seeing it. This afternoon they would occasionally run a 2-deep forecheck sprinkled in with their stifling. This could become frustrating for Detroit.

During our many 1st round exits to Dallas I remember the Stars using this to great effect. The strategy:
- when you have lead early in 3rd
- trap for 4 shifts in a row
- on a deep dump-in, forecheck hard for 2 shifts
- sit back into the trap
- rinse and repeat

If the Oil can continue to use this and get the Wing forwards to start trying too hard to break the trap -- you can start sprinkling in some more aggressive forecheck.

I like that they won. I like the coaching/system game within the game.