Monday, May 8, 2006


Good lord, is there another hockey game already? Man, give me a few days off to attend to the non-Oilers-related aspects of my life, and suddenly the wheels fall the proverbial cart. You know... the proverb? With the cart? And Jesus, probably?

So, uh... Oilers lost last night, but it was by no means a blowout. We're going to have to come out as hard against San Jose in Game 2 as they did in Game 1 — the back-to-back schedule is a big pile of industrial-grade suck, but hopefully, Thornton (Joe, not Scott. (Does anyone talk about Scott?)) will be so tired after schooling our defencemen all last night that he'll fall asleep mid-breakaway and slam headfirst into the boards and die. Well, I guess he doesn't have to die. BUT HE'S GOTTA PAY.

Oilers need the split coming back to Northlands if we don't want to end up playing from behind all series. Tonight is the night. Oilers bounce back with a 4-2 win.

No BEARDWATCH today, on account of the fact that it looks exactly the same as yesterday (no French Fork yet, James, but trust me: you'll be the first to know) and therefore lacks interest. Unless you only follow Beardwatch to check out my shirts, I guess. The one I'm wearing today is brown.



Steve said...

Uh, I have to disagree: last night *was* a blowout, just a low-scoring one (I believe I quote theyonlyscoreshorthanded when I call it the lowest scoring 6-1 game ever). The hell of it is that I half expected the Oil to tie it up in the dying minutes and take a woefully undeserved overtime win.

The Oilers are not a good team. At all.

James Mirtle said...

So... you give us the shirt colour, but not the record when wearing said shirt colour. That's like not telling us what Smy/ith you're talking about, assuming you spell Smy/ith like that.

Your word verification is making me type in 'fucqpu' now.

Chris! said...

Oh, Steve, so pessimistic. Don't go leaving your jersey in a rumpled heap on the steps of the Whyte Ave Value Village just yet, buddy. The Oilers can play with San Jose. Save your hate for Cheechoo.

Alana said...

Chris, I only now noticed that your kitten is French. Tres rad.


Steve said...

Oh, the Oilers can win this series, just like they won the last one. However, just like in the last series, they'll be reliant on the better team (in this case, San Jose) repeatedly failing to bury the Oilers despite the ample opportunity they will inevitably be given. Somewhat ironically, on that level I view last night's game as encouraging, since the Sharks demonstrated that they're just as likely to leave an inferior team in the game late as the Wings are.

Anonymous said...

I agree about saving our hate for the Sharks instead of burning our jerseys, let's save that for when we're down 3-0.

So anyway, let's get some hate on for those Christing Sharks. Who is Patrick Marleau anyway? I've hated that prick ever since he didn't play for the Oilers. CheeChoo, Fuck you. That feels better...


Eyeris said...

Since I was never familiar with shaving rituals concerning facial hair, I can't really claim to know what I'm talking about. But have you ever considered the possibility that the neck trim, much like the repercussions of Delilah cutting off Samson's hair, fucked up your score-predicting powers? AND consequently fucked up the Oilers.

If that's the case, I may never forgive you. Not even if you manage to grow the French Fork overnight.