Sunday, May 7, 2006


San Jose 2
Edmonton 1

A friend at work got a letter Friday
essentially saying that she was to be deported by Monday, so most of the game I was at a Going Away party at the local, mostly-gross Sneaky Dees here in Toronto (After a decade of faux dive college bars, I think the dinner party phase of my life is only a few years away) .

Of course I taped the game, but it was on every TV screen and therefore unavoidable, especially since one over-soused workmate kept rubbing the 2-1 deficit in my face. San Jose was flying around, making good passes and skating well, like Anaheim earlier in the afternoon, but unlike Colorado the Oilers seemed to be keeping up with 'em, although with not nearly enough offensive chances. Being a miserable blogger, most of me just doesn't want to watch the tape, so there you have it. Plus, there's tomorrow's second part of a ridiculous back-to-back bit of scheduling thanks to the wizards at the NHL (what was it again? WWE had the HP Pavilion booked in San Jose on Saturday? What a hockey town!). Bah!


Halfwise said...

Yeah, the Oil lost a lot of little battles, and were pressured for most of the game. It felt like period 2 of Game 6, only there were hits being handed out.

I think I felt better about the Oilers after the first Detroit loss than after this loss. Might see some new faces tomorrow evening - the hits will take a toll. Dvo didn't look like he could even stand up after an innocent hit at the Shark's bench. JFJ?

Theyonlyscoreshorthanded said...

This was the lowest scoring 6-1 blow-out of all time. I mean the Oilers looked awful, especially in the second.

Randy said...

I think the lesson here is not to get too high or too low. Admit it, you were getting a little too comfy weren't you. I still remember Kevin Karius spewing "Had this team made the playoffs, I don't think the third round is unreasonable," a few years back. Don't believe it.
Never forget that your from Garlic City!!! Your self doubt will win this series!

fish said...

So far, no big deal. 2-1 isn't much of a cataclysm. I just wish they'd stop turning to Gerber's mashed farina in the second. Yuk!

Coluch said...

1) So Dvorak's out for game two... whaddya reckon,
Big Georges, or T-Harv? Or both?

2) Why does McT always sound like he has a cold? He needs some of those nose strip & some ColdFX.

3) If I hear ONE Finding Nemo-related sharkbait joke at work on Monday, I will make a voodoo doll of Marleau before game two.

4) What the fuck is with Thorton owning the puck behind our net? Can't two guys sandwich him or something?

Matt said...

I don't believe you actually care, but so you know, it was Vince McMahon and the boys in the HP on Friday; it was Arena Football on Saturday. You're welcome!