Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Calgary beaten by Disney cartoons

Secondary scoring? Turns out it's kind of a important. Amonte? Langkow? Total ass.

The Ducks outplayed the Flames at their own game, and for once, the Flames ran into playoff goaltending that wasn't mediocre to subpar in the Western Conference, at least until Bryzgalov showed up. But this team never looked like their 2004 selves, mostly because Sutter got rid of all the wrong guys.

Enjoyable moments for an Oilers fan:

1) The Ducks 5 minute possession flurry late in the second, followed by a CBC camera on Chris Simon sucking on water like it's a baby's bottle

2) The lone Flames chance in the third featured Shean Donovan, skating through the crease and missing the net by 3 metres

3) Kelly Hrudey's grim second intermission take on the Flames chances for a comeback is another magic moment for the Oilers fans' memory file: "Yes, but does Calgary have a Fernando Pisani in their lineup?"

Did Iginla even get a shot on net? I'm too lazy to look it up.

Being superstitious, I'm not a naturally inclined to gloating. But it must be said: The Battle of Alberta is ours. Better luck next year, Flames fans.

PS: The victory is bittersweet, of course. A team that no one cares about, which once had a bursting cartoon duck for a logo, just crushed a bustling economy in Calgary. That and I can respect Brian Burke, but I don't have to like him. As a fan, Anaheim has served its purpose, and I'll now cheer whole-heartedly against them, especially since I think Colorado is the weaker team.


sacamano said...

My favourite moment was still when Steve Armitage gave Iggy the postgame "You're a good young team that will do well in the future" pep talk, but somehow phrased as a question.

Oh, mercy.

mike w said...

Yes, indeed. Basically asking Iggy to say what's great about his team five minutes after a decidedly un-gutsy, first round exit.

sacamano said...

That is a killer image. The speed at which you put that thing up suggests that you knew it was going to happen.

Too bad not everyone has your faith.

Heather said...

4.) Yes, Iginla took exactly one shot (in the third period).

sacamano said...

Wait, I've got a new one. They just flashed an shot of Flames fans standing around on the Dead Mile watching the end of the third period and drinking coffee.

canablach said...

Bye Bye baby ...
Watch we now!

I love it!

Heather said...

Your blog has been given an honourable mention at a Sharks website:

And they are being rather patronizing...and so it begins.

Anonymous said...

I think Pisani should wear the 'A', Pronger the 'C' and Smyth the other 'A'. Hemsky gets to wear the 'S' for Spaz.

God Phillips said...

Here is the reason that the Flamers got beat. Talk about jinxing your team. It figures, though.