Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cause Celebre!

More photos from local jazz wizard/journalist, Fish Griwkowsky:

Guess who won GAME FOOOOOOURRRR!!!!

A woman offers domestic partnership to Ryan Smyth, orange hardhat included.
Side note: by extending your thumb, the "devil goat horns" hand gesture actually translates into "I love you" in sign language. Edmonton is a city of a million lovers.

The fuzz. Is this outside the Purple Onion or something?

In ten years: "I was there when the Oilers tied the fourth game in the second round against San Jose. I WAS THERE!!"

Sigh, finally some chicks. And adorable, too! will be disappointed how sensibly they're dressed, however.

"So then, Jason Smith scores with a huge ridiculous deke, right? The place is nuts!
And then it's like, bam!, Vesa Toskala gets pulled! "

A crudely dressed Oilers fan offers a syphillitic low-five.

The illustration of what panties look like is really what makes the sign something special.

Night of the vowels: "Uouuuuuuooouuuuueeeooooo!!"

He's actually yelling things, in case anyone thinks that Edmontonians walk around
with big, gaping mouths in silence.

Forming an orderly queue: for revellers, high fives are like food.

More sensibly dressed women.

Ales Hemsky just outside of Chapters, covered in some sort of chalky, mucus-like substance.

DMT, bongos and Oilers hockey: is there anything sweeter?

Burton Cummings takes it all in. What's next for this lovable Oilers team?


Anonymous said...

The guy you've identified as "Burton Cummings" was at inferno EVERY NIGHT on the stage dancing duing that clubs brief run. Good thing he's still out yelling yeah! in inappropriate places!

mike w said...

Shit. I think I even went to Inferno once. Something about getting free drink tickets.

Wanglover69 said...

I get that there aren't any tits, but why no wang? You had wang last time.

Ritch said...


What a coincidence that wanglover69 is upset about the lack of wang.

I feel bad- I mean the handle indicates not only a general love of wang, but also a sensitivity for the desires of his or her partner, as the number 69 seems to express.

So here you have someone that cares about two things- the needs of his or her lover, and, well- wang, and you bastards didn't come through.

Sorry WL69, it looks like you might have to find wang somewhere else on the internet, if that's even possible.

Did you try here yet?