Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dear Oilers, please win.

God it's a beautiful day out there in Toronto-town today? So why am I sitting here with the curtains drawn, taking pictures of my beard and trying to think of a novel way to say I want Edmonton to finish off the Ducks tonight? Good question. Here's my beard, Oilers. If anyone needs me, I'll be reading a book on the Diplomatico patio.



Steve said...

You know, I've been obsessively reading media coverage for the last couple of days, and the quotes coming from the Oilers are not unlike the quotes coming from the Sharks after game three. The Ducks, for their part, are sounding a lot like the Oilers did then. It's making me nervous - we might be witnessing a collapse on a Sharksian scale. Tonight? Ducks, by another 6-3 score to make the parallels even more eerie.

(Yes, I've now regressed to the point that I'm looking through *sports journalism* for hidden clues about what's going to happen in this series. Shoot me now.)

Steve said...

Man - first time in fifteen years the Oilers go to the finals, *and* first time in fifteen years I've been wrong.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Chris! Your prayers have been answered.

lowetide said...

Time to grow a goatie!!! WHHOOOOT

Dan-O-Mite said...

Honk! HonkHonkHonkHonk! WOO! Honkhonkhonkhonkhonk!

Adamn! said...

Was there a hockey game tonight? Who won? Why is everyone honking outside of my apartment???????

sacamano said...

Nice work on finally getting that art up beside Robocop. Looks sharp. As does your beard.


Chris! said...

Holy fuck, what a night! Just got back from Ben Wicks pub on Parliament and Gerrard where I and a group of twelve or so displaced Edmontonians just watched the Oilers advance to the FUCKING FINALS despite all the worst refereeing in the world. Also, met mc79 tonight, who it turns out is a friend of an old Gateway pal of mine. Small. World. Indeed.

Anyhow, jesus christ. We're playing for the Cup. I can honestly say I did not expect this leve of success (as this current post can attest, I had not mentally prepared for a scenario in which I would confront both an Oilers game and gloriously beautiful June weather).

These are heady times, people. Drink them in. This makes you all heroes. Kind of.

Man, I'm hammered! GOILERS!!

Dan-O-Mite said...

Man, I don't think the pure level of noise emanating from whyte can quite be explained without being here.

Right now I'm on 84th ave (across the street from where Chris! used to live, if that helps anyone). A good chuck of traffic has been re-routed from Whyte along this street and ALL of them are honking.

I think I'd be pissed if it wasn't so awesome.

jon said...

For the first time, I decided to take in the game and its ensuing activities from Whyte. It is unreal. High-fives abound, bonfires in the street, fireworks everywhere. All around, an awesome time.

There really is only one thing to say:


PS. On the topic of small worlds, I showed my girlfriend this blog, and apparently she used to know Chris' girlfriend from working at the Gap a very, very long time ago.

jon said...

Apparently some people are taking the chaos on Whyte too far, and destruction has resulted. That's unfortunate. When I was there, people were getting booed for destroying things, perhaps that changed as the night progressed.

Coluch said...

The Edmonton Oilers had the 14th-best record in the NHL during the regular season. Only three other teams reached the Stanley Cup finals following a regular season in which they ranked as low as 14th in the league: Minnesota in 1991 (16th), Vancouver in 1994 (14th) and Carolina in 2002 (16th). None of those teams won the Stanley Cup.


Sarah said...

Man, I wish I were watching the games with you guys. I live on top of Scholars and when I went down for a slurpee at about two in the morning, most of the crowd had cleared out except for three guys carrying a bike rack down 87 Av. With, like, bikes on it. And the guy in Mac's who came RIGHT up to me and said, "No, for real, man! Awesome boobs!"

Your thing sounds like more fun.