Sunday, May 21, 2006

Deja Flu!

Edmonton 3
Anaheim 1

With Marc-Andre Bergeron and Raffi Torres barfing back at the Anaheim Crowne Plaza hotel, flipping between the game and perhaps reruns of M.A.S.H., and with half a bench of Oilers feeling a touch of the same flu, the team was fortunate to pull off a carbon copy 3-1 victory from tow nights before. And how about Dwayne Roloson, making goaline saves off of scrums that seemed to last an eternity, while being in complete control of his rebounds better than perhaps any point in his career.
Anaheim's best players, Teemu Selanne and Scott Niedermayer, are now a collective minus 6 in the series, while the Oilers defence looked utterly comfortable skating around their own end, keeping chances to the outside. It's the Orbs of Power effect, that even with total puck control domination I never felt really all that worried, miles away from the pure distilled fear of the Detroit series. Anaheim's expected surge wasn't overwhelming, their collective team defence isn't very strong, and Bryzgalov is getting outdueled. I'm still quite surprised, considering how well they played against Colorado, but then again, the Avalanche didn't offer much of a challenge. I think Anaheim can play better (Teemu and Niedermayer can't go minus 20 in the series), but I hope they won't.

Toby Peterson drew in place of Raffi Torres since it would seem that Brad Winchester, not in the right place too many times, has fallen off the active roster with a thud. I secretly want to see Schremp get a chance, but his defensive game isn't something to take a chance on. Dick Tarnstrom came back, played eleven minutes, leaving me undecided as to whether he should replace Greene when Bergeron gets back. Gotta like the Samsonov, Peca and Pisani line tonight.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to show off my tits while being hoisted in a shopping cart

(gotta love the camera work there... to quote a mob: "Boooo!")

Name the airport after Dwayne Roloson!


Dan-O-Mite said...

I'm also getting the "this series isn't nearly as hard as either of the others" vibe here too. Even though they arguably got outplayed today, there was never a real urgency here, or even a hint that they were going to lose.

This is, of course, dangerous, because when Roli doesn't steal the game, the Oilers might be caught unprepared.

Anonymous said...

Thing is I think Roli did win the game -but yeah didn't steal it. They are playing good team defence and I would like to see some more emotion but I'll take the WIN!

I hope the boys can get over the flu with the one day off and kick some serious butt in EDMONTON!

MikeP said...

Winchester can't play C (unless I'm mistaken) and Peterson can. If Horcoff was sick too, not playing another C would have meant the Oilers had Stoll and Peca each double-shifting, unless we wanted to see another horrendous stint of Ryan Smyth taking regular draws. :) No, I don't think Rob Schremp was seriously considered for very long.

I thought it was a bit odd at first too, but thinking about it... seems like a good call by MacT, and it worked out ok in the end anyway.

mike w said...

>not playing another C would have meant the Oilers had Stoll and Peca each double-shifting

But Torres isn't a centre.

case said...

Cherry: purple suit.