Sunday, May 21, 2006

French Fork!

A few more tokens of good luck: Smyth's teeth on the ice and my own GOILERS pennant created by Leah, a Covered In Oil pal and loyal Edmontonian living the Dream in Toronto. My background good luck charm is my forever-unfinished second attempt at painting John Diefenbaker in a Shriner's fez hat. It's no RoboCop, that's for sure. GO OIL!


sacamano said...

Those pennants might just be the greatest things I've ever seen. Ever.

I feel like weeping I'm so overcome with emotion. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!

Kudos to ladysir!

Ladysir said...

Glad the pennants are appreciated, gentlemen--and that they seem to have only increased the blog's beard-photo mojo. Two games with pennants = two games with Oilers' wins.

Perhaps I'll keep making them for good luck until Whyte Ave explodes in a Cup-win frenzy of tits, shopping carts and stab fights.

Eyeris said...

While I do not doubt that Ladysir's crafty ways have helped the Oilers, I'd also like to point out that the Oilers have won every single game since I left the country. Every. Single. Game.


Anonymous said...

eyeris please don't come back ok? Promise? At least until they win LOL! yea that's odd you say that... they haven't lost since my b-day on the 10th(Horcoff's winner in triple OT).

Great beard pennants that's classic stuff. I hope this keeps up and I think it will they way the team has played and come together, just gaining more confidence and poise as this playoff run Rolosons on. He's the MVP at this point imo. Kind of like this year's version of Ranford in 1990 and we all know what the Oil did that year. It's looking pretty good.

(great site btw)

GOILERS!!!(i love that new term)

Dan-O-Mite said...

Well, eyeris isn't back till July, so I think we're safe/

Anonymous said...

Well that's good to hear. eyeris lucky charms!