Sunday, May 7, 2006

The great shark hunt

Well, not much to add to what's been said by Mikey and Sacamano about tonight's game.

As a fan, it's kind of a hard one to get up for after the euphoria of knocking off the Red Wings and their confounding sense of entitlement in spite of seemingly everything. The Sharks? Like everyone has pointed out, it's difficult to hate a team that you basically know nothing about aside from the fact that they'd be helping St. Louis scrape the gunge off the NHL's cold, cold basement floor with their stick-biting shark logos if Bruins GM Mike O'Connell's having come along and offered to hand them his team's heart and soul in exchange for a few spare parts.

Is that too harsh? Shit, that's the point — I just don't know. But that doesn't matter. Really, when it comes to the Sharks and the Oilers' chances against them, all you need to know about them is this.

The Nashville series was an unsurprisingly pleasant reward for whichever team was fortuitous enough to finish in fifth, and I'm sure the Sharks know they're in for a much rougher ride this time around. Hopefully, the Oil are having an easier time getting up for this game than the fans. Oilers win 2-1.

It's been nigh on a week since the last instalment of the BEARDWATCH saga, and in that time, not that much as happened. Despite having shamefully trimmed my neck beard in an effort to look a little less like a wino, as you can see by this unusually pensive photo I have nonetheless shuffled helplessly along Sac's prescribed beard growth trajectory to the Concern II phase. These halcyon days as a Sexy Bearded Guy are clearly, inevitably coming to close and I now find myself glancing nervously at the game schedule, assuming a carbon-copy six-game win by the Oilers, I try to mentally prepare myself for a future as a Goddamned Hippie. Truth be told, I never thought it would come this far. And now I am equally unsure as to when it will end.


sacamano said...

I dunno, you definitely look like you are still in handsome Stage 4 to me. The neck trim really buys you time.

James Mirtle said...

And now I am equally unsure as to when it will end.

French. Fork.

(I wake up screaming that sometimes now.)

mudcrutch79 said...

Fuck...your beard kills mine. Stupid fucking genes.

I've gotta shave this piece of shit.

Grace said...

No shaving allowed until they pass the Cup to Jason Smith. I don't make the rules but I will make sure you guys follow it!

Chris! said...

Right score, wrong team. Fuck.

San Jose played strong tonight. Apparently we thought we were still playing Detroit.

jon said...

It'll be tough (read: impossible) to win tomorrow if San Jose plays roughly the same, the Oil could be tired as hell from picking themselves up all night. Bah.

Sidenote: I don't know about anyone else, but Nieminen has got me missing Chelios already.