Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Kindly unbridle your heaving bosom, m'lady?"

With the recent upsurge in visits to this site, a blogger might be deluded into thinking some latecomers are catching up on old posts about the NHL's revenue sharing plan (back when we cared enough to write such things). Instead, it's obvious with all of the Google queries just what exactly Oilers fans are looking for:

"Oilers breasts Whyte Avenue"
"Blue Mile Girls"
"Blue mile boobs"
"Whyte Ave Pics"
"Whyte tits"

Look, there's already a bluemile site, consisting of a handful of blurry photos of drunk girls' boobs, and failing that, there's always dirt-cheap bundle packs of
Oui and High Society at Tops Liquor on Whyte (and failing that, here's a wikipedia article on the word "breast"). Problem is, gentlemen, I haven't heard much about girls showing their boobs in our town, almost as if such drunken fannery is beneath the airs of a provincial capital. There is, however, suddenly a youtube explosion of Whyte Ave revellers, which is kind of fun to watch (for this far flung correspondent, anyway) albeit completely unarousingly.

Fun Fact: Hollywood actress, singer and dancer Betty Grable was a devoted Oilers fan, often seen on movie sets waving her cherished Oilers flag. She was also known to belt back shots of whiskey from her Edmonton Oilers(TM) shot glass, a gift from friend and actor Victor Mature.


sacamano said...

The prefered moniker is Tops Booze 'n' Porn.

Dan-O-Mite said...

Was this just an elaborate excuse to a) increase this site's hits and b) to post a link to nudity?

Pleasure Motors said...

Back when I did my original Blue Mile post, in the comments I made mention that a girl from my high school grad class would undoubtedly end up on the website.

My prediction has panned out. As of today, that officially makes 13 people who went to the U of A, 2 Sunshine girls (one of them did it twice, as well, so technically 3), 1 Rush cheerleader, and two girls (as far as I know; I seem to recall someone telling me that one of them appeared on the redmile site two years ago, but I can't confirm that) that have appeared on websites in partial states of undress.

Renaissance thinkers believed that grace and taste were decided by birth--one never rose above the station they were rightly born into. I was born into this. If you need me, I'll be at the Thirsty Turtle, apparently trying to get girls to take their shirts off, maybe while playing a bit of grab-ass. Sigh.

Chris! said...

It makes sense that seems to be hosted by some jizzwads who work at/frequent the Thirsty Turtle. But aside from that, I have to admit some disappointment with the halfassedness of a site that has photos of some girls just kind of hanging out at an OIlers tailgate party with the caption, "These two babes were totally going to take off their jerseys — BUT THEN THEY DIDN'T!!!"

Also, nice paid stripper to kick everything off.


Dennis said...

Is that site ever gonna update again;)?

Anonymous said...

I have to say I whole heartedly agree however I also have to make mention of Jennine S. Really she is quite nice to look at. She has the nice sweet girl nextdoor look until she sqints just a bit, and bang she becomes more desirable then a librarian in a catholic school girl uniform ;)