Thursday, May 18, 2006

A landmark day

Another win, another round of photos, brought to us by local synth-bassist, Fish Griwkowsky.

Ah, my old Edmonton pals. This is the kind of spontaneous easy-going time you just
can't find in Toronto....

... of course, most of these people are directionless, unemployed hippy drifters

Holy shit! The Oilers win!!!

Begin the traditional crypto-pagan Western Conference "Show us Your Tits" fire dance

Fuck! I can't believe I'm missing all of this milling!

More milling. I still think Chianti's has terrible pasta.

Barb Mills and Shirley Lowe, President and Executive Director from the Old Strathcona Business Association, celebrate another round of hockey.

Seeing the automatic rifles...

...backwards baseball hat realizes he's gonna have to think tactically on this one

Bryzgalov has a .967 Save Percentage? Don't fucking care. Bring on the Ducks!


The Puck Stops Here said...

You are correct about Chianti's

Coluch said...

"I can split the D and go top shelf if I want." Mike peca realising that believing is the path towards doing. Roli might be teaching him how to meditate!?


Also, for the *cough* Toronto *cough* contigent on here... I watched the 2nd & 3rd periods at Poppers pub (the upstairs part) which is just a tick east on Bloor from Bathurst, and they had the game with sounds and a big projector and booths and generally a much better place to watch than I had expected.

(not wanting to take the chance, I watched the 1st at home, and made my friend go there and give me a reoprt on the quality of Oilers-ness before I would leave.)