Friday, May 12, 2006

Let's go Oilers! FUCK YOU CHEECHOO!

Oilers 6, Sharks 3, Optimism !!

A conversation:

Steve Smith: So, should I mix Black Velvet and Canadian Club?
Ben Carter: The Oilers only tie up the series once!

Biggity bam! I could write much more, but for the time being, I'm getting in-between drunk at my house with the above-mentioned individuals. There is serious honking flowing through the windows, and my hard alcohol cache (which was semi-extensive) is rapidly disapperaing.

More importanlty, though: mother mercy, is the end of Veska? He clearly screwed up on the Samsonov goal, but I thought he played just fine after (did he have a chance on Smith's or Hemsky's goal? I certainly don't think so); but getting pulled does absolutely nothing for a goalie's confidence. And Nabokov, well--I had in my hockey pool this year, he's terrible. Or, well, he was good once, but now he does an amazing job of being the world's best shitty goalie. That Samsonov goal might be the turning point, especially since (as I mentioned) I think the big difference between this series and the Detroit was the fact that Toskala had been 1000 times better than Legace. With semi-shaky goaltending, what comes next?

I'll answer that question later. For now, it's time to run down Whyte Ave in an Oilers jersey and a puckhead (!) and high-five everyone I can find. Oilers fans who aren't in Edmonton (including Chris! and Mike W): you poor bastards. This city is much more than I ever realized. 300 days of shopping malls and shitty weather are entirely worth six weeks (maybe more) of unadulterated euphoria and blue jerseys. GO. OILERS.


mike w said...


I ordered dynamite rolls for my lunch break at work, re-hooked up the Conference Room TV, only to see the Oilers drop two goals in the first. Bah. My break being over, I unplugged the TV and went back to my shitty job. Later, when I arrived at Ossington's Crooked Star bar to meet Edmonton ex-pats, I witnessed three glorious goals, making me think I should watch every game for eternity at this small time Metro Toronto bar.

I mean, fuck, Peca and Smith scored goals? Toskala flaked out? There were TWO ON ONES!??? What the fuck happened? Delicious. Clearly, this Oilers team has overachieved, and anything beyond this is bonus territory. Calgary fans have no idea what this is all about. Lick my balls, doubters (which includes me, so I have to lick my own balls, I guess)!

Also, re-watch Jason Smith's assist on the Hemsky goal: a no-look, beauty pass!

Achtungbaby said...

After watching the Oilers go down by 2 goals again I decided to -not watch the game for the team-. When I turned back to the game it was tied 3-3. Good games boys.

Man, that was textbook playoff watching from me.

the Prez said...

I love Whyte in the Oilertime. Also, "pants off for Ulanov" is not a chant that spreads easily. But did I ever try.

Anonymous said...

Love the "Fuck you Cheechoo", couldn't have said it better myself.

Let's make it our new second round motto,


Pleasure Motors said...

I can't take credit for that part of it, Duke: that's all people marching up and down Whyte.

jon said...

Man, that guy on the end with the backwards 'S' should have gone the extra distance and added an '!!1' to the end.

Anonymous said...

I'm the biggest Oilers fan around but I can't say that I'm a fan of the "Fuck you Cheechoo" chant. He's a great player and I know we've all cheered for him when he's played for TEAM CANADA... and will cheer for him in the future. Respect. GO OILERS GO!

OilersMan2000 said...

I'm sorry you feel that way Mr. Anonymous, maybe you could have told some of the people on Whyte that. However, to do so you need to communicate in post-Oilers win Whyte ave-ese:

(car hork)
Fuck you Cheechoo!
(high five)
Shirts off for, um, SHOW YOUR TITS!

If you think you can get your point across using only these phrases, then shoot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oilersman2000,

I'm not trying to talk to post oiler win fans. I understand emotions are high on whyte. I would never -for fear of my safety- say anything on whyte to this regard.

I was hoping to reach fans who love the Oilers and the game. Living away from Edmonton for the past year has allowed me to appreciate the game and oilers fans even more. I would say that Oilers fans are the best fans in the league.

But we need to also remember to be fans of the game as well - that means to appreciate the other great players and teams. At the very least not say anything disparaging about players who have worked extremely hard to get were they are and love the game as much as we do.

Thanks Ms Anonymous